Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At least he's not sleeping in a drawer...

As if he would FIT in a drawer. JJ Dubin is a hefty 18 pounds, just shy of being 4 months old. That's THREE TIMES the size he was when we brought him home.

Seriously. The kid is already wearing 12 months clothes. But that's another story...

Talk about getting off on a tangent.

That crib I've been trying to put together? We finally received the replacement crib. Well, who knows when we received it - we found it last Wednesday - AFTER it sat outside for at least three days (it had been rained on and didn't it rain last Monday?)... The UPS guy left it behind our side porch and we had no idea it had been delivered.

What can brown do for me? Brown can leave a note on my door!

Anyway, the crib parts made it inside by Thursday. The box barely made it to the porch. Crib assembly took place Sunday. I was able to get to the next-to-last step before I realized that both of the rails that make the crib look like a sleigh bed were cracked. I tried the rails from the first crib; they were a completely different color and didn't fit (on a positive note, the replacement crib is closer to the same color as the "matching" dresser).

After calling the crib manufacturer 17 times (15 busy signals and one dropped call...), I was told they did not have the rails in stock to match my manufacturer code, but they would gladly send me another crib... Putting together a third crib just was not an option for me. So I told them I'd wait the month out for the parts to come in.

Meanwhile, JJ has spent the past two nights sleeping in his new (rail-less) crib. He's perfectly safe, and hasn't complained about the lack of aesthetics. I had thought about putting the cracked rails on until the replacements come in, but I think I'll be more motivated to install the new ones if I don't have to un-install the cracked ones first.

I'd post a picture, but I'm three months behind on getting the files out of the camera/off the memory cards and onto my flickr page... I'll try to work on it, but my helpers have yet to arrive.


Susan said...

Remind me not to buy from this crib company...

Muffy Wong said...

did you hear about the 14lb baby that was born in Brazil?!?!?!

Apparently that's not even the heaviest newborn. The biggest one on record is a 16lb baby.


Linda said...

It's not a bad crib - but I'd probably buy a different brand if I ever am in the crib market again.

16 pounds... That was JJ a few weeks ago - I wouldn't even want to attepmt that via c-section!