Thursday, August 31, 2006

Awww, what a cute baby...


When you have a baby, especially your first baby, a lot of people buy you (much appreciated) presents. And a lot of those presents are baby clothes. Sweet, cute baby clothes.

There were several outfits (including the mandatory sailor suit) that J.J. received as gifts that my husband was determined his son wouldn't wear, due to their "feminine" appearance. Apparently, it's ok for daddy to dress as Tinkerbell on live television, but a powder blue gingham romper might encourage Joe Jr. to bat for the other team.

Despite his father's concern, J.J. has worn all of his outfits, and has grown out of all of the "questionable" ones. Heck, he's grown out of pretty much everything.

So, Joe stopped at Kohl's last night to look at ties. I told him to check out the sales racks in the infants department and get anything in a 12 or 18 months that he thought would be good for J.J. I figured he'd enjoy picking some cute (sports-themed) rompers for his little guy.

He got home and showed me all of the outfits, one by one. A cute pin-striped baseball jumper, a pair of Halloween pajamas, things that make you go "Awwwwww!".

One of the things he got was a long-sleeved blue and white body suit.

With a butterfly applique that says "sweet thing".

And a ruffle at the collar and cuffs.

After he showed it to me, he asked (with some concern), "Is this for a girl?"

I said, "Well, it's blue, but yeah, it's pretty girly."

His response?

"Well, J.J. will still look cute in it."

So, be sure to say hello if you see me around Nashville. I'll be the one with the cross-dressing baby.


Lesley said...

It's good to know that Joe will love him no matter what. :)

Christina said...

Don't you just LOVE when they break their own rules? LOL

Loved your Tinkerbell costume comment, it brought back memories of watching him dressed as "Little Joe Peep" and Wonder WoMAN.
Very FUNNY stuff!

Susan said...

I'm just trying to figure out if the outfit was OK because Joe picked it out, or because it was an actual girl's outfit, not a "girlish" boy's outfit...

Muffy said...

cross dressing baby AND a man-tinkerbell to boot.

I wish I saw that... that'd get me to watch the news more!

Linda said...

I think it might still be saved on our TiVo. You know, to make J.J. proud some day.