Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger beta... my review.

Observations after my first day with Blogger beta (I only use Firefox):

Here's my initial feedback.

If you opt to receive an email every time someone leaves a comment, the email now links directly to the specific post the person commented on. Yay!

The blog title (up top) used to link to the blog home page - I believe most if not all blogger templates work(ed) this way. Not any more. And, when I'm using the drop-down list for my archives, you can't select the current month. Well, you can select it, but it doesn't do anything. Because of both of these things, I added a "home" link in my "Check out my stuff:" link list.

I can't get my Google Adsense (it's supposed to be below where it says "Please click" in the left hand column) to work - I even went to the Adsense site and generated fresh code.

It's FAST. I used to wait FOREVER for my site to publish. This could be in part because the beta is only available by invite, but let's hope it will stay this way once more blogs migrate over.

The quick edit buttons for the page elements gave me a lot of errors at first, but seem to be working now.

I'm really itching to edit my raw HTML...

I wish the "add URL" functionality was the same in a link list page element as it is within a post.

The "Edit Posts" page has changed... I'd really like to be able to select multiple posts from the list and add labels in bulk.

I used the "Minima Lefty" template and customized my colors and fonts. I used to use the "Minima" template. There are 7 versions of the Minima template, which is pretty flexible. Other templates have several versions too.

I'm impressed with the user interfaces for editing the page elements and fonts and colors. And I'm picky.

The spellcheck has been changed too - it's very similar to gmail's spellcheck. One bad thing about it is you can no longer add words.

I give it a B+.


Lesley said...

I noticed the title/home page link issue, too when I clicked over here earlier. I don't like that. Also, now I get only the preview version of the feed in my LJ/reader. Bah!

Linda said...

Actually, I changed the feed from the full post to summary... I've already changed it back!

Ted said...

You've changed your green - much better!!!

Rob Robinson said...

Hey Linda--

I'm curious about beta, but I've already read a lot of posts where people are wishing they could undo and go back to the original. Your thoughts?

Also, I read something about it being more challenging for readers to make comments to beta blogs, depending on what version they're using. Have you heard that?

I definitely love the idea of having an easier way to tweak colors and fonts, at the very least...

Linda said...

Other than what I already posted, I haven't found any other problems/quirks (including comments - in fact, I had comment problems the weeks leading up to moving to beta, but nothing now).

The change color/font interface is definitely slick.

I have the option (under Template/Edit HTML) to revert to my classic template - I haven't tried it, but I don't see why one couldn't do that if the migration experience wasn't pleasant.