Thursday, August 10, 2006

Round and round and round...

Our puppy spends a considerable amount of time chasing her tail. Even once she catches it, she'll spin around for a while longer, proud of her conquest -- that, or she's just not sure how to stop. Either way, she seems to enjoy it.

I, on the other hand, do not see the fun in chasing one's (figurative) tail. Especially after spending most of my "not working" time yesterday doing just that:
  • Called insurance company A (for the third time) to confirm that yes, they still are the primary insurance for JJ so they can send payment to the hospital.

  • Called insurance company B (for the who knows how many number of times) to confirm that they are still my secondary medical insurance coverage (oh - if you're going to have a child, I highly recommend having as many policies as you can to help defray the costs) and could go ahead and pay their part of my bill, as company A has already paid their part. And oh joy: next month, I get to call them again once company A pays their part of JJ's bill (assuming I'm not already calling company A to remind them they are still the primary for him)...

  • Called the crib manufacturer to let them know the piece they sent to replace the defective piece on the crib I bought does not fit said crib. The holes on the new piece are 2 inches apart and the piece they need to connect to has holes 4 inches apart (or is it the other way around?). Good news: We're getting a whole new crib! Bad news: I have to start crib assembly from scratch... Oh - and I'll also have to send a (non-defective) piece (that they will specify) from the original crib back to them. Because, you know, I have nothing better to do than scam the crib manufacturer to get a 2 for 1 special. Poor JJ will be in a bassinet forever.

  • Talked to the IRS (yet again) to explain that the payment they received from us on April 17th in the exact amount they say we owe them means that we don't owe them anything. The ridiculous part? When I offered to read them the receipt number (note to self: if we ever owe again, send a hard copy paper check instead of taking the "easy" online payment option) the agent's reply was: "No - I don't need the receipt number - I can see the record of the payment attached to your account". OK... what am I missing?
Gotta go - there's my tail...

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BBLogan said...

It's too hot to chase your tail.
You need a sonic break.
Wish I could take one with you.