Monday, September 18, 2006

Is there a nurse in the house?

Someone please tell me a tetanus shot is good for ten years. Because although I was able to clean and bandage my ankle/heel after scraping half the skin off of it with the storm door, I'm thinking my last shot was in 1999.


Meanwhile, I'll lie here with my foot propped on ice and three pillows (good thing we have plenty) until Joe's home from work and I can take a pain killer and he can take over J.J. duty.


Anonymous said...

From Web MD:

A person who has a dirty cut or wound should get a tetanus shot within 48 hours if at least 5 years have passed since his or her last tetanus immunization.


jag said...

I thought it was 8 to 10 years too.

sista smiff said...

I think it is. I stepped on a nail a few years ago and when I went to the doctor, the tetanus shot, which I got in about 1996 or 97, was still good.