Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photo proof of why I'm terrified of driving on the Interstate

The front of my car after a brief encounter with a sheet of plywood on I-65 at 70 mph:...I wonder if insurance covers a trip to Key West to replace the plate?


Anonymous said...


Lesley said...

It never hurts to ask!

Merle said...

Where was your son when this happened? Goodness

Linda said...

Thankfully, J.J. was a few miles ahead of me, riding with his daddy. With a semi on my right and a SUV on my left, I had no choice but to plow into the plywood as it was flying at me.

Shouldn't you be on your way to your hair appointment, Merle?

BBLogan said...

Maybe you could try ironing it?
Nice driving sistah.
Glad you're okay and there was nothing more than a dented license plate out of the whole deal.