Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rattling around in my purse:

my keys
pink RAZR
That stupid bluetooth that matches my pink RAZR
14 pens... 14!!!
$6.23 in change (outside of wallet - there was more in the wallet)
3 gum wrappers
A partial roll of Rolaids (leftover from the third trimester)
42 receipts
2 shopping lists
1 Powerball ticket (worth $4 -- woo hoo!)
16 Citipass coupons
first aid kit
a pack of band aids
emory board
an enameled mirror
2 mascaras
eyeliner pencil
lipliner pencil
3 lip balms
4 lipsticks
ponytail holder
a pick
Burt's Bees hand salve
eyeglass cleaning cloth


Lindasis said...

Wow....my purse doesn't have a fraction of that. When did we change places? I always thought you had the very small purse that didn't hold anything and I was the one that lugged way too much!

I'm also guessing you are as busy at work as I am right now if you were able to take that inventory.

Muffy said...

Wow.. that's.. a mighty large purse

BBLogan said...

You are out of control.

Linda said...


I have no excuse.