Thursday, September 21, 2006

Status Quo

Blogger Beta? Eh.
  • Even though the functionality has been released, I haven't even opened the HTML to edit it. But, it's good to know that if I ever find the time, I can.

  • I can't comment on other (non-beta)Blogger blogs with my Blogger sign in, but I can select "other" and just enter my name and URL. That way, you bypass the useless profile page anyway... Same for people who are not using beta who want to comment on a beta blog.

  • I received an email (auto generated - pretty slick) from AdSense that said, "Hey, we noticed your AdSense code is gone from your blog - was that intentional?" (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea). Anyway, that was enough to get me to reply and generate a help ticket and everything's good now - Blogger beta added spaces to the code which made it not work, which leads to my only other additional complaint:

  • When using the new spellcheck in beta, spaces (or carriage returns -- when's the last time you typed with a carriage?) are sometimes added which make things weird, especially when they are in the middle of HTML.

  • And while we're on spell check, I just want to restate that it sucks that you can't add words to the spell check dictionary any more.

Still no rails for the crib... Although, I haven't looked behind the porch.

I haven't received the results from this yet.

I switched purses (BIG move for me), so I'm not so bogged down.

Chicago was lots o' fun. J.J. was the perfect angel he always is, and the Cubs won. I do have pictures, but am sooooooo far behind in updating flickr.

I decided that 7 years in-between tetanus shots is just fine. That, and my wound is pretty much a surface wound. So I just keep putting the Neosporin on my heel, and Lillie Biscuit keeps licking it off.

This is still on my Amazon wish list. C'mon guys, where's the love???

Have a good one. If I could handle both Lillie on her leash and J.J. in his carriage, we'd be going to the Greenway for a walk after work. It's bee-you-tee-full out.


CHEZ BEZ said...

I was at one of the greenways today with my cherubs. Beautiful indeed.

Pick a weekend morning and we can all get together with the kids for some outside time.

Lindasis said...

....Where'e the love??.... Ahem, may I be the one to point out:

It's only been 2 days since you listed Elmo .... and mentioned that it was for Christmas....and for J.J.... Well, Christmas is still 95 days away and J.J.'s gift shouldn't be on YOUR wishlist now, should it?

A little faith in others may get the Elmo a little faster...oh yeah, and patience.


Linda said...

Bez: This weekend's out - let's see if the weather holds out!!!

Sis: Well, I doubt "Pat the Bunny" is for me, either! Seriously, I'm kidding. Don't go paying $100 for TMX Elmo - I'd rather put the money in his college fund and wait until Christmas is over and we can get it for retail...

And patience? What's that?

Lindasis said...


No worries about me buying it, then!