Thursday, October 26, 2006

Based on a true story...

Sung loosely to the tune of Clementine. My apologies to BB and anyone else who was dining at Yellow Porch two weeks ago who had to witness me singing this (but it made J.J. happy):

Lillie Biscuit,
She's our doggie,
And she's stiiiiiin-ky 'cause she's wet.
She was playing
With her sister
To see how tired
They could get.

They were running,
They went swimming,
They were roooool-ling on the ground.
They were playing
With a towel
They had found.

Then Mattie went home,
Leaving Lillie
in the baaaaaaack yard all alone.
So she tried to
Dig a tunnel
But had to stop
When daddy got home.

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jag said...

Positively brilliant.