Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here kitty kitty...

So I get home from work yesterday to find the front porch had been decorated for Halloween. Other than the fact that the witch who has "crashed" into our front door has already scared the bejeebus out of me at least a dozen times (from the inside, it looks like there's someone standing on the porch, smashed up against the door, looking in), I love it!

I also found Zitty's food dish and a bowl of water on the sidewalk.

When I got inside, poor Zitty was sitting in front of the refrigerator, staring at the empty spot where his food dish used to be.

Both the bear and Joe were quick to ask if I saw the decorations and if the kitty was still there.

"Kitty - you mean Sid from across the street and two doors over? The orange tabby with no tail?" Sid visits our yard quite often.

"No, not Sid - a little calico kitty. She was hungry."

I went outside to get Zitty's food and looked around for signs of the calico. Nothing. Maybe she went home.

A few hours later, she showed up again. A tiny tortoiseshell - not a baby kitten, but a very small, young cat. Lillie tried to bust through the storm door to see her.

She hung around all night, and slept on one of the cushioned chairs on our porch off the kitchen. I went out to visit her once, sitting down in the chair next to where she was sleeping. She immediately woke up, jumped off her chair, then up into my lap, where she curled into a little kitty ball, and fell asleep, purring.

As I stared down at the little fuzzball, I thought, "We don't need another cat. We HAVE a cat. Zitty would have a fit. And we have Lillie. And a baby. And we don't need another cat. We don't need the additional vet bills and the additional food bills and Joe certainly doesn't want to clean the litter box twice as often as he does now. What should we name her?"

I had just about decided on her name, when I reminded myself that we do not need another cat. I had already decided I was going to take pictures, post "found" signs around the neighborhood, and post both here and on Joe's blog, should no owner come forward, and see if someone had a home just waiting for this sweet little kitty.

When I woke up with JJ at 6:00, she was still out there, sleeping on the chair.

By the time I left for work - she was gone.

I got in and emailed my mom and told her about this little kitty and how I might have to find a home for her. Mom's initial response was that she would take her, as long as the kitty had long hair. When I responded that the kitty did not have long hair (but emailed Joe to check on the possibility of getting some kitty hair extensions), she replied that of course she wanted the kitty no matter what kind of hair she had.

So I forward the news to Joe and ask if kitty has been around this morning.

She hasn't. And she wasn't there when I was home for lunch. And my mom called when I was home at lunch, telling me how this was the perfect time to get a new pet, as she's off from work next week and we talked about when and where to meet tomorrow to get the kitty to her.

But, there's no kitty.

Mom told me to put out some food and water in case the kitty comes back when both Joe and I are at work this afternoon. And I did.

So, little kitty, if you're the type of cat who reads blogs and should see this, come on back, because I have found a wonderful home for you in Williamson county. You'll have a human mom and a kitty sister and a canine sister. You can go outside in the backyard, where you're safe within the fence, and there are two sweet little boys next door who will come over and pet you.

I mean, unless you already have a home and just decided to visit us for the night.

Then, we'd be the ones cat-napping...


Muffy said...

Oh how sweet... I do hope it's ok and turns up again.

dp said...

I hope the little kitty turns up again too. Hopefully it's reading your blog right now.

Linda said...

Still no kitty...

Christina said...


Perhaps another animal lover is caring for kitty now? :-)

Linda said...

Apparently, I went to bed just before she showed up - Joe said she was out there when he got home last night, but wouldn't let him get near her. And she was still sleeping on the chair at 6:00 this morning, but by the time I got dressed and went to fill the food bowl, she was gone.

She could very well be someone's pet, so I don't want to assume that just because she sleeps on our porch she doesn't have a home. Mom's cat loves spending the night outside, and sleeps inside all day.

I guess we'll just wait and see... At least I know if she is a stray, she has a home.