Thursday, October 19, 2006

I wonder where he got his sense of humor?

J.J. and I were at Kroger the other day, strolling through the aisles, trying to remember what that last item we needed was, since we didn't stop what we were doing and write it down when we thought of it because surely, we'd remember.

"Hmm... was it something we need for dinner? What were we doing when I asked you to remind me? Was it Oatmeal? No. Juice? Got plenty. Hmm... Lemonade? Let's hope it's not something we can't live without, because we're going home without it!"

At this point, J.J. broke into a big toothless grin, blew a raspberry, and laughed as the drool ran down his chin.

"He's not really much help, is he?" asked a man near me, as I wiped off J.J.'s chin with the ever-present burp cloth.

Startled that someone (other than J.J. - although I suppose that would have startled me as well) was responding to my questions, I looked up to see if perhaps I knew this guy. Nope.

I ignored him (my standard M.O.).

"I mean, it's not like he's going to answer you, you know. You've spent what, 20 minutes talking to him as if he can understand you and he's just wondering when you're going to get around to changing his diaper."

I walked away, continuing to ignore the man (besides, J.J.'s diaper was not in need of changing), and leaned over and told J.J., "Don't listen to a word he's saying, baby. He's just jealous because he doesn't have anyone as special as you to talk to."

As if on cue, my little guy burst into the biggest belly laugh, tried to catch his breath, then farted, which made him laugh even harder.

"What did you tell him? Hey - what did you say to him?" our shopper demanded.

I smiled, shrugged, and said, "Nothing - I might as well be talking to myself."


Lindasis said...


Christina said...

So you, JJ and Joe have made me laugh this morning. Funny group!

sista smiff said...

They may not be able to verbalize stuff, but, I've always been of the mind little people understand more than we realize.

Very cute.

jag said...

That's awesome.

Nicole said...

I love this! I also had fabulous conversations with my non-verbal infant. I'd hold up options and ask "This one or this one?" Funny, she always chose the one I liked.