Monday, November 13, 2006

Checked up

The J-man's 6 month check up shows he's in the 90th percentile for both height and weight (20 pounds, 9 ounces). As for me, I'd sure like to see those kids who make up that other 10%... I just had to go through his clothes and get rid of anything that was 12 months or smaller. 18 months - that's 3 times his age! At this rate, he'll be in a men's small by kindergarten and drinking beer when he's 7 (I'm kidding - I hope!).

He survived the shots - just a few seconds of screaming like hell, then he was back to his usual happy self, and we headed to have lunch with Grandma. Daddy, of course, couldn't witness the shots. He says it's the needle thing, I think it's his way of making sure J.J. still only associates his daddy with fun stuff. Like this morning, when Joe was singing "Hot Child in the City" and dancing while our little guy laughed and danced along from the stroller. The things I miss every morning while I go to work and they have their fun...

Big news!

As of yesterday, November 12th, J.J. has to share his grandma - and aunt Jeanne... Cousin John Christian was born 5 weeks early and just a couple ounces smaller than J.J. was. It was something else to stand outside the nursery window at the hospital and look at how much has happened and how much J.J. has changed and grown in 6 months. The baby's in NICU as a precaution, and could possibly go home late tomorrow, pending test results. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, rub your lucky rabbit's foot or do whatever you do, because his mama is being discharged tomorrow and I can't imagine having to go home without the little one.


Lindasis said...

How did you get a picture with a smile and not the blank camera stare???!!? He looks so grown up.


Linda said...

It was a sneak attack with the camera. Not an easy feat, since J.J. tends to notice EVERYTHING. I think the hat makes him look more grown up, since it hides the big bald baby head!

jag said...

What is it with baby boys being huge? My godson was wearing 3Ts at 18 months, but he's not fat (other than baby rolls). I guess I'm just used to him, so I don't think he's that big, but other people tell us he's a big ole chunk of boy. My goddaughter (7) has been in 6 Slims for the last 3 years. Is it a just a boy thing?

The godson and JJ can be NFL linebackers together and support us in their old age. Silver lining, right?

Congrats on the new nephew! Hope he gets to go home with no complications.

the Intuitive Woman said...

Your little man is adorable! My nephew is outgrowing his clothes by 3x his age as well. This frightens me, since I'm having a boy also! Thanks for visiting my site, and leaving a comment. Best wishes for your new nephew. I hope all goes well.

lcreekmo said...

I just thot I would throw in here: Jacob is almost 16 months, but he is only 23 lbs., 8 oz., and 30 inches.

30 percent height, 25 percent weight.

I'm now scared for him to meet J.J., who might beat him up.

Linda said...

J.J. is a lover, not a fighter. At his babysitter's house, he yells at the other little boys there, and they go visit him while he's in the saucer so he can give out hugs and kisses!

J.C. should be going home very soon - his mom's going to go spend the night at the hospital with him in the room with her, since they never had the chance, then they'll go home tomorrow!