Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving thanks

While Mom was over our house this past weekend, she asked if there was anything I needed at dinner Thursday "to make it Thanksgiving".

Hmm. I could do without the turkey, don't care one way or the other about mashed potatoes and gravy, but need some cornbread dressing, whole cranberry sauce (with Grand Marnier), and sweet potatoes (either baked in the skin or in a casserole, just no marshmallows, please).

And wine... white or red? Either - if it's red, a mellow pinot noir would be perfect, or a crisp sauvignon blanc. I know, "traditional wines" for turkey day are zin (no, not the pink stuff) or Riesling, but you're talking to a girl who just said the turkey isn't her focus.

Dessert? Pumpkin pie.

After trying to get a lunch date (my husband's working on his "day off", one unreturned phone call to a friend and a coworker I couldn't convince to throw out her brought from home salad), I ran to my favorite "who can believe this place exists in Donelson?" spot where I overheard several conversations, all centering on Thursday... Who's eating where, how many meals they're "stuck" going to, who's bringing what, and "how the heck do you cook a turkey?"

And while the food's good and all, I'm just going to throw this out there, but isn't the whole point coming together with family and friends and giving thanks?

I'm thankful for my family -- Joe, me, Zitty, the Bear & our newest additions, J.J. and "The Biscuit" (and the nephew added to the extended family).

I'm thankful that whatever crawled in my throat and died has left.

I'm thankful that my fantasy football team has clinched a playoff spot.

And I'm thankful that neither of our DBAs figured out how to set up my OracleBI Discoverer and OracleAS Portal single sign-on by 5:00, so I get not just two but three extra days off this week.

That's a 5-day weekend -- woo-hoo!


Christina said...

An extra day off... Woo Hoo, is RIGHT!

I hope you and your famiy have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

dp said...

Love a gal who knows her wine.

Cheers! Here's to family, health, and happiness.

Ginger said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Dubin family! You have a beautiful family, and you are a blessing to we "lurkers and viewers". :-)