Friday, November 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

No, there's no tree yet. Maybe later this weekend.

But, the radio in J.J.'s nursery has been changed to the Fish, since they're playing nothing but Christmas music. Baby Einstein can wait until after the end of the season.

And, thanks to, I just got one of these for J.J. for quite a reasonable price!!!


BlondeMom said...

Oh thanks for the Ebay site tip! I love me some Ebay and have found that if you know just what to look for you can get a bargain on the more popular items. (like people putting items in the wrong category, etc.)

Lindasis said...

In the car this morning I thought the station was 94, but I couldn't find it, or it didn't sound Christmas-y, so I also found out that Mix 92.9 is also playing only Christmas music...although most times I flipped to it today it was on a commercial break...except when they had Michael Bolton. I put back on 102.9 and decided I'd dig out my own Christmas cds for the car!!