Thursday, November 30, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Last year, we didn't have a Christmas tree. This was partially due to the fact that I was already on several hours of bedrest a day, and more so because we closed on our house on December 27th and moved in on the 28th.

I wasn't about to undecorate and pack everything up on the 26th...

Seeing as the Christmas Holiday begins this coming Sunday (I won't bore you with a lecture, but Christmas begins the first Sunday of Advent and ends with the Feast of the Epiphany, and don't waste your breath trying to tell me otherwise), it's time to get a tree.

Growing up, we always had a "real" tree. I think just one year, we bought a live tree that ended up planted in the yard, but most every year, we had a real tree with real sap and real needles and I tried my best to not be assigned the duty of adding water to the tree stand, as both the sap and needles were hard to avoid. That, and a male poodle who had the disgusting habit of peeing on the tree/stand.

And, other than the years when all I had was a 2 foot "apartment-sized" table top tree, when I've had a tree of my own, it's been of the real type. I even have a Christmas tree stand ready and waiting in the shed. You could say that having a real tree is a tradition for me.

Or, you could say it WAS a tradition for me. That's right. I've decided to take the plunge and get an artificial tree (most likely one that has the lights built in). I'm not sure where it will come from (my husband has made it very clear that it will not be Kmart, as they are advertising "Holiday" trees, not "Christmas" trees), but it will probably be the place where I find the best deal and/or a box that will fit in the trunk of my car.

Who wants to take bets on how long it takes before Zitty ends up climbing the tree to get away from Lillie, knocking ornaments everywhere, which doesn't really matter, because Lillie will end up lunging into the tree, knocking the entire thing over, and will gnaw her way through half of the branches and snack on some ornaments while she's at it?

Don't bother calling me a pessimistic Scrooge; I'm just a realist...


jag said...

On my dog's first Christmas, he thought the wood cranberry garland on my mom's tree looked delicious.

We came into the room to find faux berries rolling around on the carpet, a tipped over tree, and a very sheepish looking dog.

He hasn't shown much interest in the Christmas trees since. The cat, on the other hand, likes to pee on the tree skirt. Exhibit 1 on why she was evicted.

peach said...

I bought my 7' pre-lit tree from Lowe's for the model and it looks great. Much easier than having to deal with the lights that somehow inevitably get tangled every year. The price was fantastic!!