Thursday, November 30, 2006

What, me, weird?

OK, I admit it, I've been moping for the good part of a week 'cause no one tagged me yet... Ginger finally had no one left to choose. :) It's just like back in grade school, when I was the last one picked for kickball.

6 weird things about me:

  1. I do not like to use the microwave. I have no idea why. This means I will take 20 minutes to heat up the oven and 60 more to "bake" a pot pie that, according to the instructions, will be perfectly delicious if I nuked it for 5. Same thing for leftovers - I dump it in a pan and heat it on the stove. Need hot water? That's what the teapot is for. This drives my husband nuts, so if I'm heating something up for him, I'll use the microwave.

  2. If I hear the first line of "I'm Sailing Away", I have to sing the entire song. No wait, that's not me; that's Eric Cartman.

  3. I'd rather do without than "make do". None of this "Well, it's not really want I want, but I guess it will work for now" crap for me. Hence the fact that our living room is "furnished" with a piano and a (sadly, mostly empty) wine rack. Until I find the "perfect" furniture (and the even more perfect no interest financing), the bear has a wonderfully empty room to perform her gymnastics in. And no, I have no idea what this perfect furniture looks like, but I do know I haven't seen it in the Haverty's ads yet.

  4. I don't like chocolate.

  5. I cannot stand for things to be "undone". Unmade beds, open cabinets, you get the idea. We have two conference rooms at work that have screens mounted on the walls so you can use a projector in meetings and they are ALWAYS left down. When I enter one of these rooms for a meeting, I go over to the switch and raise the screen before I sit down. Even if there are already 14 other people in the room. I've stopped apologizing for it.

  6. I cannot "have a taste" of someone else's food. Even if they haven't taken a bite yet. However, I'm more than happy to let someone else try whatever I'm having.
And I tag BB, Erin, Peach, Muffy, Cole, and Tim, because we haven't heard from him nearly enough lately.


peach said...

my weirdness is complete. it was hard to pick only six! :)

Lindasis said...

I guess it's a good thing I don't have a blog. As I tried falling asleep last night (listening to all the wind and rain slam my wreaths into the windows hoping the glass wouldn't break), I could only come up with 1, maybe 2 things I could list. I just don't think there's weird things about me....I'm too boring to be weird.

(Though, sis, if you come up with others for me please be kind and e-mail privately instead of posting a response!!!)

Muffy said...


I love doing these things.. which is one weird thing about me I guess.

Ok.. it'll be up soon.

Nicole said...

sorry I missed this the first time around Linda, but thanks for the link and for not saying "I already did it, dumbass."

And you are weird. ;)

BBLogan said...

OMGoodness! I am so out of pocket that I just found this tag! Have no fear... I know you're waiting with baited breath (what does that mean anyway?)... watch for results of my taggage this week.

linda said...

"bate," meaning:

"To moderate or restrain (a variation of "abate"): to bate one's enthusiasm, and, "to lessen or diminish," and "with bated breath - in a state of suspenseful anticipation."

from here