Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hey Titans fans...

Anyone interested in Titans PSLs?

If you are, someone I know is selling hers (no, it's not me) and isn't looking to make a fortune (as if that would be possible with their performance as of late), just to not lose any money on the deal.

I sat in these seats and watched the Music City Miracle unfold right in front of me.

And don't even bother to ask why I'm not buying them - I need to furnish a nursery...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

All you can eat, and then some...

My husband is a HUGE fan of buffets. Me... not so much.

Well, unless you count lunch at Ru-San's, but I can't eat there until June, so that doesn't count.

Anyway, when the Golden Corral in Cool Springs opened late last year, I knew it was only a matter of time before we were belly up at the buffet for dinner.

The good news is, our experience wasn't any better than this one (i.e., we won't be going back).

The bad? We weren't smart enough to get up and leave after one bite.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Water water everywhere...

...and Nashville's apparently sucks.

If you don't drink filtered/bottled water and you live in metro BNA, you might want to think about it.

Our new refrigerator has the built in PUR filter for water and ice... I'm relieved that I've already gotten in the habit of cooking with the water from the fridge, not the tap.

I know quite a few people who should attend this group...

Need more Pearls Before Swine?

Friday, January 20, 2006

To heck with the world - I'm rejoicing

Gmail adds delete button. World rejoices.

The "delete" command used to live in that drop-down list, right next to "Add star". I can't tell you how often I added a star to something I wanted to delete.

Thank you Gmail. This is bigger than saving a draft...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So if I just break things off with him completely I never cheated, right?

It's time for me to get a haircut.

I found a split end over the weekend and I realized I've put this off far too long.

When I first moved to Tennessee, I actually drove to Indiana every six weeks to get my hair cut and colored (I was big into the auburn thing for a while).

Eventually, I decided to go with my natural hair color and the inter-state haircut trips were spaced further and further apart, and then I started the "walk into any random salon and see if anyone can fit me in" routine.

And I never was happy with my hair.

Then, I found Michael.

He's good. He's cheap. I like his work.

I last called him in early May of last year, just a few days before I headed to New Orleans for a girls' trip.

He didn't have an opening during either of the two time slots that worked for me, and I ended up getting my 'do done in the Big Easy.

I think I last went to Michael in October or November of '04.

I obviously don't get my hair cut very often.

Now that I've moved away from my old stomping grounds, I'm wondering if it's worth it to drive to Brentwood and fight traffic on Franklin Road to listen to him whine about my infidelity just to get a haircut, or if I should just choose some random salon nearby and get a few inches whacked off.

It's only hair right?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I wonder what pairs well with Fruity Pebbles???

Strange New Products reports a new pizza wine.

Sorry, but I've already got one - Velletri Riserva Red. Seriously. Good.

More of a cheeseburger person? Try this.

It just wasn't my night

Last night's loss hurt. The only positive spin I can put on it is that every loss this year is one step closer to getting rid of Davis.

During halftime of the game, I decided I was hungry and couldn't wait for dinner to finish or for my hubby to get home from the Y. Instead, I decided it was a Fruity Pebbles kind of night for me (who knew that 0g of fiber is 1% of the RDA?).

That is, until I opened the (new) box, set it on the counter, and proceeded to knock it to the floor, spilling out half the contents.

No problem, right? Grab the dirt devil out of the closet and zap up the spill.

...except the spilled cereal would require me to empty the dirt devil at least 5 times to get it all.

So, downstairs where the real vacuum (and the only carpeted rooms in the house) live. Halfway up the stairs, remember that I took the bag out the last time I used it and have yet to replace it. Back downstairs to find the (yet to be unpacked) box of cleaning stuff that contains the new vacuum bags. Back upstairs to clean up the mess. Too tired and frustrated to take the vacuum back downstairs, decide it looks great next to the refrigerator.

Decide Fruity Pebbles DON'T sound that good after all and grab leftovers from the night before and throw in the microwave so I can get back to the game before halftime is over.

While I was busy screaming at the television and pouring cereal on the floor, TiVo was hard at work recording not one but two episodes of Lost.

Well, not really two.

I have to say it was a good wrap- up of the first season and a half. Although we had a good wrap-up of the first season just a few months ago, and there hasn't been a whole lot that has happened since.

Maybe now that we're all caught up, something can happen next week.

Anything better than last night.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Artery-clogging goodness

In the past 3 weeks, I've been to Target more times than in all of 2005. No joke.

There's just so much STUFF there that we need. Not to mention it's the 2nd closest decent store to the new house (#1 is Ace Hardware, in case you're curious - hello Helpful Hardware Club!)

What surprised me was when I realized I have been to the Tar-jhay a bajillion times and have burned through all of the gift cards from our wedding/Christmas/moving presents, and I never picked up one of these things that everyone seems to need or own.

Then I remembered back to the old days, when the only technical gizmo we had to rely on in the kitchen was a microwave (don't stand in front of it when it's on - the radiation may get you!), and I had to improvise.

So, improvise once again I did. And the results were spectacular, if you ask me. If I weren't such a slug and had actually opened the box that contains the new digital camera we got for Christmas, I would have photo evidence.

All you need is a toaster, microwave, a small microwaveable bowl, paper towels or wax paper to prevent splattering inside the nuke box, eggs, muffin or bread, butter, cheese and ham (or the smoked meat product of your choice). And an appetite. And, less than 5 minutes.

Let me know if you want the specifics - I'll sell you my secret recipe for a fraction of the price of the destined to collect dust once the novelty wears off gadget...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Taking casual day to new levels...

Can you keep a secret?

My mom got all of us a pair of these for Christmas. They're perfect to throw on every morning and grab the paper off the driveway.

I was halfway to work this morning when I realized I never took them off and put on real shoes...

Wonder if anyone will notice?


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Injury report

Since the move, I've whacked the hell outta:

the rear view mirror on the garage door frame: (2)
both of my thumbs on my new apple slicer (ouch!): (1)
my head on the cabinets in the laundry room (mud room?): (1)
my head going down the stairs to the basement: (0)
either of my shins on a half-unpacked box: (27)
my hips on doorknobs: (3)
my car door on the stone wall: (1)

Maybe he needs a puppy...

Our cat (we'll call him "Bubba", since that's what we call him) has apparently made a New Year's resolution.

What would that be, to sleep more, eat more, make the litter box fill up more?

Not possible.

No, our little Bubba has decided that he needs to quit holding back his feelings and show the world (well, the world that exists inside our house) his true feelings.

The little man is in love. With me.

When I first met my husband (and subsequently, his cat) he was insistent that the two of us get along. He always reminded me to pet the little guy, and in turn urged the cat to bond with me.

It worked.

He's now like a little boy with a crush. He follows me around the house (even when I tell him I'm just getting up to grab some water and will be right back). When I wake up, he's lying by my side (well, more like next to my head on my pillow). When I get home, he jumps off the bed and runs to greet me, or at least, he'll wake up and walk to the edge of the bed so it's easier for me to pet him.

Yesterday, though, was a first.

He kissed me.

We were lying down, watching tv, he at my hip. I was absent-mindedly patting his little head. Then, I felt it.

A little kiss on my hand. Not a nibble or a scratchy-tongued lick, but a kiss.

Now the little weirdo's getting out of control. Since he braved his initial show of affection, he's managed to get in at least half a dozen more. My husband is starting to get a complex, and is threatening to rough up the little guy.

I think (hope) this is just a phase, triggered by our move. The poor guy moved in the night before we did and was not happy to spend that first night alone in an empty house. Now that he's realized we've all moved with him, along with his food bowl, little blue bed, favorite blanket, and padded window platform, he's overjoyed.

Either that, or he's a big freak... Anyone know of a good cat therapist?

Sorry, Bubba...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Adventures in moving...

Day 5 in the new house and still surrounded by boxes. It's amazing how unpacking drops off the urgency list once the basic needs are met. Not to mention that everything left to unpack seems to require the purchase of a new storage device of some sort. Luckily, yesterday's sales ads center on the "get organized" theme, and I plan on getting together a list of measurements for various bins, shelves, and cabinets some time today.

As many of you are aware, my husband has a flair for entertaining. This isn't limited to his professional life, and was more than obvious as I unpacked the kitchen last week. The boxes I packed were labeled with such descriptions as "kitchen - serving dishes" and "kitchen - baskets and tins". You know - keep it descriptive so I know what's in each box and can unpack what I need when I need it.

Not so for the ones my better half lovingly packed - some of his more colorful labels included:
  • Kitchen - knick knack crap
  • Yet another kitchen box - kitchen
  • Spices, coffee, assorted crap - kitchen
  • Spices "Part 2" starring Wesley Snipes & John Goodman - kitchen
  • Kitchen - odds & more odds
  • Extremely fragile - kitchen (really it is)
  • Linda's 1,000+ coffee cups (and other b.s.) - kitchen
Luckily, there was no crap to be found and the 1,000+ coffee cups somehow turned into about a dozen, further reduced to 8 as I unpacked into both the cabinets and boxes for a future garage sale. If you need knick knacks, odds, and more odds, let me know & I'll cut you a deal...