Friday, September 29, 2006


So I just heard on the radio this morning that the TACA fall crafts fair is at Centennial Park this weekend. And it's going to be gorgeous this Sunday.

So, I've already decided once Joe heads to work, we're heading to the park.

And what I'm I looking forward to the most? Seeing all the cool stuff? Spending the afternoon outside? Maybe finding a gift or two?

Heck no.

I want some grilled corn.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I really think JJ's first words will be "No Lillie!"

Apparently, Lillie Biscuit's "smart puppy" food (at Joe's request, I looked, but they don't make "dumb puppy" food) hasn't been providing enough fiber for her diet. So, she's been taking fiber supplements. In the form of our rugs...

Maybe we should have seen it coming, as she showed a fondness for the kitchen rug at a young age.

See that (mainly blue) rag rug in that picture (you have to click the link to see the picture)? It's gone. History.

Last Thursday, she shredded it. The entire rug. Shredded it and balled it up in the middle of the kitchen floor. I didn't get a picture, but it was laid to rest in the trash bin and collected last Friday morning.

Here's the (mostly red) replacement:
She obviously didn't get quite enough fiber, because she then nibbled on the pink flowered rug at the foot of Hannah Bear's bed:
She quickly moved on, and chewed a hole through the braided chenille rug at the front door:
And when I ventured downstairs (to throw the muddy-paw-print-covered comforter in the washing machine), I found this little rug that used to sit at the door to the garage:
"OK, Lillie - time to go outside!", where I found the mat that used to live on the covered deck, mangled in the side yard:
We can only hope that this phase is over, because all we have left (other than the new kitchen rug) are the mats in our bathrooms, two navy blue area rugs, and our family room wall-to-wall carpeting. And despite the word "pet" being smack dab in the middle of "carpeting", it's not for her.

Don't forget!!!

Free ice cream this evening.

Let me know if you want to meet up with me and JJ... Either the Brentwood or Cool Springs location; we don't do Hickory Hollow after dark. :)
...sorry, J.J., the ice cream is for mommy...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How clever am I???

Yesterday (or was it the day before... hold on... it was yesterday) I read about the new flavored Splenda for coffee. And I thought, "What a great idea!".

Except, I don't sweeten my coffee, and I don't particularly care for flavored coffees.

But what a great idea! It has to have another use...

I thought about it for, oh, maybe 15 seconds, nothing came to mind, and I quickly moved on.

Until this morning, as I was preparing my oatmeal in the kitchenette here at work.

I buy the flavored packs of instant oatmeal, strictly for convenience. I'm not necessarily thrilled about the sugar, but hey, it's easy for me to just dump out one pre-measured pre-flavored pre-sweetened pack of oatmeal into a styrofoam coffee cup and add hot water.

A coworker of mine (who is obviously not as lazy as I am) brings in plain oatmeal, and then adds cinnamon and sweetener.

And it hit me.


Splenda needs to expand their flavors to include cinnamon, which would be a good coffee flavor, but would also be great for oatmeal.

Let me know when it's available.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Five things to eat before you die

If you haven't seen this meme (started here), you don't read food blogs or the blog of anyone who reads a food blog. My contribution:
  1. Blarney Puffballs from the Irish Lion; Bloomington, IN. These incredible bite sized bits o' joy are mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese that are deep-fried and served with a side of sour cream.Mmm... While you're there, have some soda bread too.

  2. Maryland blue crabs - from any place in Maryland where they serve them on a table covered in newspaper and give you a hammer to help crack them open. And don't even think about eating a crab cake unless it's a Maryland crab cake - that's a Maryland style cake, made with Maryland blue crab, in Maryland.

  3. Pumpkin pie - spicy, custardy pumpkin filling in a flaky crust, topped with fresh (real) whipped cream.

  4. A Philly cheesesteak. If not in South Philly, then in the Philadelphia MSA. Whiz wit.

  5. A tomato sandwich. Made with a ripe, garden grown tomato on soft white bread (ala Wonder or Bunny), salt, and Miracle Whip (or mayo, if you're a purist). Eat it while you stand over the kitchen sink wearing short sleeves, because if it's made right, you'll have tomato juice dripping off your elbows.
This was hard. I thought of hundreds of things I like to eat, but paring the list to 5 was no easy task.

What didn't make the cut? Here are a few (in no order):

A hot dog from a ball park - with ketchup, mustard AND relish.

Cheese blintzes.

Fresh lemonade.

Baked brie with crusty bread and apples.

Pan-fried pierogies with sour cream.

A "toasted over a campfire" marshmallow.

Fresh strawberries with balsamic vinegar.

Filet Mignon - brushed with Gulden's mustard, wrapped in bacon, and grilled no more than medium rare.

Grilled cheese (Jarlsberg and cheddar) with tomato and bacon on rye.

Sister Shubert's sausage rolls with honey mustard.

Oysters on the half shell with saltines, cocktail sauce, and a pitcher of beer.

Status Quo

Blogger Beta? Eh.
  • Even though the functionality has been released, I haven't even opened the HTML to edit it. But, it's good to know that if I ever find the time, I can.

  • I can't comment on other (non-beta)Blogger blogs with my Blogger sign in, but I can select "other" and just enter my name and URL. That way, you bypass the useless profile page anyway... Same for people who are not using beta who want to comment on a beta blog.

  • I received an email (auto generated - pretty slick) from AdSense that said, "Hey, we noticed your AdSense code is gone from your blog - was that intentional?" (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea). Anyway, that was enough to get me to reply and generate a help ticket and everything's good now - Blogger beta added spaces to the code which made it not work, which leads to my only other additional complaint:

  • When using the new spellcheck in beta, spaces (or carriage returns -- when's the last time you typed with a carriage?) are sometimes added which make things weird, especially when they are in the middle of HTML.

  • And while we're on spell check, I just want to restate that it sucks that you can't add words to the spell check dictionary any more.

Still no rails for the crib... Although, I haven't looked behind the porch.

I haven't received the results from this yet.

I switched purses (BIG move for me), so I'm not so bogged down.

Chicago was lots o' fun. J.J. was the perfect angel he always is, and the Cubs won. I do have pictures, but am sooooooo far behind in updating flickr.

I decided that 7 years in-between tetanus shots is just fine. That, and my wound is pretty much a surface wound. So I just keep putting the Neosporin on my heel, and Lillie Biscuit keeps licking it off.

This is still on my Amazon wish list. C'mon guys, where's the love???

Have a good one. If I could handle both Lillie on her leash and J.J. in his carriage, we'd be going to the Greenway for a walk after work. It's bee-you-tee-full out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I just started JJ's mommy's Christmas list:

TMX Elmo.

Watch this video, and tell me you don't want one too. My belly hurts just watching him!

Besides, we need someone new at home to laugh at Joe's jokes.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's ice cream, it's free - what more is there?

I'm all about free ice cream (and donuts, and pancakes...).

Mark your calendars and find a store near you - it's time for the Cold Stone Creamery 5th Annual World's Largest Ice Cream Social to Support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. On September 28 from 5 to 9 p.m., you'll receive a free serving of "Cole's Creation": chocolate ice cream, yellow cake, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Is there a nurse in the house?

Someone please tell me a tetanus shot is good for ten years. Because although I was able to clean and bandage my ankle/heel after scraping half the skin off of it with the storm door, I'm thinking my last shot was in 1999.


Meanwhile, I'll lie here with my foot propped on ice and three pillows (good thing we have plenty) until Joe's home from work and I can take a pain killer and he can take over J.J. duty.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Take me out to the ball game...

Print boarding passes
Empty and repack purse
Empty and repack diaper bag
Adjust straps on baby carrier

Fly to Chicago
Take the Red Line to Addison
Cubs game
Train back to airport
Fly home

Monday, September 11, 2006

I was going to post a 9/11 thing...

I was going to mention how as I flew into Reagan International on Saturday, 09/08/01, I stared down at the Pentagon in awe and thought about how it was the core of our nation's defense.

How on Tuesday morning, I watched GMA as the second plane hit the World Trade Center as I was frantically trying to get packed and check out of my hotel and get to the office for our 9:30 meeting.

How we drove by the Pentagon minutes before it was hit. And how we sat on the interstate a few hours later, staring at the destruction as we started the journey back to Tennessee.

I was going to talk about how frustrating it was to be in DC, flipping through the channels trying to get an idea of what was going on and all the news coverage was on New York.

How I decided not to evacuate to the underground parking garage at our office building, because I'd rather not get trapped under all the rubble should our building be hit. If I was going down, I wanted it to be quick, not after hours of suffering.

I was going to mention how terrified my mother must have been when she called our office here in Nashville to get transferred to DC where she begged me to "be safe" and to find a church where I could pray.

How eerie it was after the last plane was downed, standing in the middle of the streets in downtown DC, with all the church bells playing patriotic songs.

I was going to talk about how scared I was to get on the Metro to go pick up my suitcase from the Bellman at the hotel. How all I could smell when I got off the Metro at the Pentagon City stop was burning fuel. And how I was the only non-medical person on the train back into the city.

How fortunate I was to be travelling with someone who had a rental car. How we drove for hours that Tuesday afternoon, listening to the same stories repeated over and over on NPR.

How we got to the Logan's somewhere around Bristol just in time for the President's speech, and checked into our hotel where we joined all the other travellers in the bar.

I do believe the state-enforced last call was ignored that night.

How I was dropped off in the parking lot at the airport Wednesday afternoon, and the attendant stared at me with her jaw slack as she totaled my parking fees. How grateful I was that there weren't news crews waiting to tell the stories of weary travellers making their way home. How all I wanted to do was go home and lock myself in.

It took me a couple of weeks to get over my shell-shock. Right about the time I decided to TURN THE TV OFF and STOP SEARCHING THE INTERNET for more information. Right about the time I decided I had to put it behind me and move on.

We all lost something on that September day, whether it was a loved one or a little bit of our innocence.

We all have our memory of where we were when the planes hit, how we found out about it, or what we thought when it happened.

We can only hope that the tragedy of 9/11 will remain one of the worst memories Americans have. That it won't be overshadowed by other senseless acts of hatred.

I was going to post a 9/11 thing, but thought there was no way I could put into words everything that needs to be said.

But then I realized that my words combined with everyone else's might be a good start.

My heart goes out to everyone.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's 4 PM; do you know where your kids are?

Lillie Biscuit:
J.J.: about a lazy afternoon!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Labor Day at the Sounds game

"Yes, baby, daddy just lost the "hold the TiVo over your head the longest to win it" contest... go ahead and take a nap while mommy cries."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photo proof of why I'm terrified of driving on the Interstate

The front of my car after a brief encounter with a sheet of plywood on I-65 at 70 mph:...I wonder if insurance covers a trip to Key West to replace the plate?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rattling around in my purse:

my keys
pink RAZR
That stupid bluetooth that matches my pink RAZR
14 pens... 14!!!
$6.23 in change (outside of wallet - there was more in the wallet)
3 gum wrappers
A partial roll of Rolaids (leftover from the third trimester)
42 receipts
2 shopping lists
1 Powerball ticket (worth $4 -- woo hoo!)
16 Citipass coupons
first aid kit
a pack of band aids
emory board
an enameled mirror
2 mascaras
eyeliner pencil
lipliner pencil
3 lip balms
4 lipsticks
ponytail holder
a pick
Burt's Bees hand salve
eyeglass cleaning cloth

Friday, September 01, 2006

I am a lucky girl.

Seriously. My husband helps out around the house like you wouldn't believe...

Sweeping the floors, doing laundry, emptying the trash/recycle bin/diaper genie/litter box, refilling the Crystal Light when I drink it all, getting the paper, yard work, wrestling with Lillie Biscuit to tire her out, emptying the dishwasher, getting JJ to and from the babysitter 70% of the time, gathering the clothes Zitty drags all over the house, taking Lillie out, running to the bank, dropping off and picking up the dry cleaning, letting Lillie in, changing JJ, picking up dinner when I'm too tired to cook...

And I try to remember to thank him as much as I can. But when I do, he shrugs and says he doesn't do anything.

Well, after trying to do it all for the past day and a half, I can definitely say, yes, he does do something, because doing it all sucks.