Saturday, January 06, 2007

Easily amused

Speaking of J.J. videos...

Here's another.

Back story: We were eating dinner about a month ago & if I remember correctly, the bear burped or hiccuped or sneezed or something. J.J. found it hi-larious, so Joe grabbed his camera and we all joined in. Then we caught the cat eating Lillie Biscuit's food.

You know, a typical family dinner.

Oh - and it's a large file, so start the download, go walk the dog, grab a snack and come back...


Christina said...

I could listen to JJ laugh all day. He has such an adorable giggle.

Zitty realizes he's being watched, licks his lips to get rid of any evidence. Then he dicides he's already been caught and says, oh the heck with it, I might as well finish.

Ginger said...

That J.J. and his love of bodily noises...keep 'em coming! (er, the baby giggles, not the bodily noises, necessarily) :)

I haven't laughed out loud at a video since, well, I guess the last video you posted of J.J. and his daddy's passing of the gas, however, when Zitty stops dead and looks at the camera...that is priceless!