Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Get real

I was filing away coupons last night, and thought again of my idea for a reality show (I’ve shared it in the past – just not here). Although I can't bring myself to watch Survivor, American Idol, the Bachelor and all those other shows my husband can't get enough of, I do enjoy watching the home-based reality shows, a la Trading Spaces, While you Were Out, and such.

My show is geared toward the busy wife/mom (no, not just her) - but not limited to moms, or for that matter, women. It's geared to the person who takes care of the family home. In my case, me.

So, here's the pilot:

I'm sitting at the dining room table on a Sunday evening after J.J. is down for the night. Joe's at work, the puppy has crated herself for the evening, the cat's no where in sight, and I'm swallowing pita with hummus whole, because I forgot to feed myself when J.J. ate. I'm also flipping through the morning paper, and about to delve into the coupon inserts.

The doorbell rings (don't worry - J.J. can sleep through pretty much anything - I trained him well). I open it to find a camera crew and a bunch of helpful people. They swoop into my house, tell me to have a seat, offer me an ottoman and a glass of sauvignon blanc. Someone takes my coupons from my hands and tells me they'll take care of them.

Over the next two days, I'm shipped off to a spa (with my husband), J.J. is taken to his Grandma's for a visit, and heck, while we're at it, the pets are sent to be pampered as well. While I'm off in dreamland, every coupon in my organizer is used, while the house is prepared. In my case, the side porch is converted to a walk-through pantry, a deep freezer is placed in our garage, and the laundry room gets shelves and (more) cabinets to house all the cleaning stuff.

I come home to find a well-stocked, organized home and don't need to run to Target for laundry detergent for the rest of the year. While I'm dreaming, make Sam's Club a sponsor, and give me a free membership and a gift card for a couple grand. You know, so Joe can have his Chai...

Bonus: the dog comes home from the groomers on a sunny day and doesn’t end up smelly and wet in a matter of minutes.


Lynnster said...

Good luck with that, heh... sounds wonderful and like heaven in any case! :)

Kathy T. said...

I like it except for one thing: I don't clip coupons. :( My life would fit more in the Mission Organization...you know where someone's house is an embarrassing mess and they come and clean it up. gah.

Busy Mom said...

Sign me up!

BlondeMom said...

You're making me drool. I am so with you on this it's not even funny. Only I'd like a margarita.

I gave up filing coupons after child #2. ;)