Monday, January 22, 2007

Got a minute?

And a half?

Go to Google's Image Labeler, get a partner and help suggest labels to improve their image search.


Erin said...

Well, now that I've spent 20 minutes playing... geesh... Thanks a lot! ;)

Linda said...

I try to tell myself I'm being productive...

Lindasis said...

Yeah....thanks a lot. Just what I need - another way to 'be productive'.

After 3 rounds of guessing, I finally got stumped on the first picture of the 4th round. It took me 83 seconds to find the 'pass' button!

Julie said...

Today's Ranking
73. beren_camlost - guest 600
74. Daniel - guest 600
75. julie - guest 600
76. Sudarsan - guest 500
77. guest - guest 500

You and a guest scored 600 points.
Your cumulative score is 600