Thursday, February 08, 2007

Getting "Lost" again

If you had asked me about "Lost" this time yesterday, I would have shrugged. We had no plans to watch it at home, as The Bear was spending the night (her school had yet another day off today - is it me or do kids get a whole lot more days off that we did back in the olden days?). Anyway, the likelihood of convincing her to go to bed before 9:00 was low, especially once J.J. developed a raging ear infection (and accompanying 102+ fever) during his afternoon nap that necessitated rushing him to the doctor and treating him with no less than 4 medications in an attempt to relieve his pain and get his fever under control.

Besides, my attraction to "Lost" had waned over the past three months. I went from wondering how on earth I would make it until February to deciding that absence did not make my heart grow fonder and thinking my relationship with "Lost" was going the way of "Desperate Housewives", which proved more than easy to quit cold turkey.

Then, 9:00 neared.

Joe and The Bear and Lillie and Zitty were all huddled around me and J.J. The first two were supposed to be on their way downstairs to watch movies, and would most likely be followed by the last two. Joe had already told me he was going to watch the episode on TiVo either as soon as The Bear went to bed, or before she got up in the morning. I decided I would watch the episode live, without the crutch of hitting the TiVo rewind, and with the added company of J.J., who was still feeling miserable and not about to go to bed.

8:58 I suggested they head downstairs.

8:59 I repeated my suggestion.

9:00 "Previously on Lost..." comes on and they're STILL hovering around me. I lose it. "OK - go! Get out! Go watch your movie! Love you and good night and all that. MY SHOW'S ON!"

By the time the wrap-up had wrapped up, they had moved on and I was left to watch "Not in Portland".

So, I'm obviously not over the addiction.

I did miss a few key parts, but I can zip through TiVo later and fill in the blanks.

Like, I saw Juliette talking to her ex, I looked down at J.J. to see how he was doing, and I heard what I assume was her ex getting hit by a bus. I was told by a coworker this morning that I really needed to see it.

I also missed some pieces near the end, like what happened with Sawyer and Kate after Carl was rescued... I know one of "the Others" was shot. By Juliette? Did he die? I believe both answers are yes.

On a side note, I had an incredibly hard time taking the representative who was recruiting Juliette seriously, as in my mind he's the photographer from "Suddenly Susan" and not some ominous force to reckon with...

While I'm looking forward to next week, I'm not itching to get home and fill in the gaps from this week. I mean, think about it... It's no more questions than I usually have after watching an episode, right?

Who am I kidding? As soon as J.J. lays his sweet head down to rest (he will sleep tonight, right?), my butt will be racing downstairs to find out as much as I can. And next week, our Valentine's Day date night will be spent with TiVo and the rest of our friends stranded on those islands somewhere between Australia and L.A.

At least, the rest of them BETTER be there. I've had enough of the Sawyer/Kate/Jack show...


Christina said...

I hope JJ gets better soon! Poor little guy.

I have your husbands "raving" about LOST during season 2 to thank for me getting hooked on it. I enjoy every episode no matter if I come away with more questions than I have answers. I'm easy to please I suppose.

Linda said...

He's already back to his happy smiling clapping self. That reminds me, I need to get pictures of those upper teeth! And video of his clapping skills.

And I've not yet been motivated enough to go watch the parts of Lost I missed... Maybe I'm not as addicted as I thought!