Monday, February 19, 2007

J.J. pooted!

Well, not really, but I couldn't resist getting this picture.

J.J. and I went to Shopryland Sunday. I hate shopping, and malls are the worst, but the little guy absolutely loves strolling through the mall, laughing and smiling at everyone, kicking his legs and clapping. We made the entire mall loop in an hour. We did make a quick stop at the gourmet dog treat kiosk, because someone in our family has a birthday this week... You know, someone with four legs and a tail who would appreciate gourmet dog treats.

And, my company sent out a memo last week, announcing that we do have President's Day as a holiday after all. Yay for the three-day weekend!


Ginger said...

So I'm scrolling through my Google Reader (discovered this tool thanks to you) and the headline that jumps out at me: "J.J. pooted!" I thought, "Surely Linda hasn't been reduced to a bulletin about J.J.'s gas...perhaps this is Joe guest blogging, since that is definitely right down his alley." :)

I don't quite know what to do today, having an actual holiday off & all...ah, it's nice to work in a real office again and not a 24/7 hospital with no holidays. yay!

Tabitha said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those posters. Have no idea what those cartoons are but the "I Pooted" ones and the "I'm a hot toe picker" ones are my favorites. ALWAYS makes me laugh.

I like JJ... if he ever needs company going around the mall (I draw the line at Hickory Hollow/Rivergate but I'll go to Opry) I'm game!!!!!

shauna said...

Hee! Just wait a few months until he really does announce that to the whole world. For Pea it's always in present tense. "Mama, I pooting!" And if she does it again? "Two pooting!"

BlondeMom said...

That picture is hilarious! I hate malls, too, but my girls love to go to the one foot in the grave Bellevue Mall (in fact we'll be headed over tomorrow in search of soccer cleats.)