Sunday, February 25, 2007

Learning to share... or not

We got Lillie just before J.J. was born, hoping they would grow up together. It worked; they're inseparable. Lillie helps clean up the Cheerios that don't make it to J.J.'s mouth, is more than willing to "help" at bath time, and they have a keen interest in each other's toys...

See for yourself:







Unfortunately, J.J. isn't as successful at getting his toys back from Lillie...


Lynnster said...

Ah! The cutest baby and cutest puppy in the world yet again!! :)

But does JJ chew on Lillie's chew bones?

Christina said...

Sweet photos of both of your kids.

Did the fish have a proper buriel? That looked painful. X-/

Kathy T. said...

JJ is truly one of the cutest little boys ever. I can't say "babies" because, of course, those cutest were my own. :)

Linda said...

J.J. chews on EVERYTHING. He has been cutting teeth #5 & 6 this past week and has been gnawing away... I try to keep the dog treats from going in his mouth, but at least they're (somewhat) clean... Once Lillie gets to them, they're history.

BlondeMom said...

So cute! Our dogs and our girls are best buddies.

Did you flush the fish? ;)

Ginger said...

He gets cuter & cuter & cuter!!! Love the pics!