Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow days...

I grew up in the snow belt.*

You know, anywhere north of here where it is ordinary for the ground to be covered in white stuff for most of January and February (and into March), and white Christmases are the norm, not the exception.

Where waking up and looking outside and seeing 8 inches of newly-fallen snow resulted in disappointment that there wasn't enough to delay school, let alone cancel it (but there was a good chance mom would show up at the bus stop with a thermos full of hot chocolate and enough styrofoam cups for everyone waiting, as well as for the bus driver).

The few days we were lucky enough to get a day off school, we didn't think of going back to bed.

Nope, we had to get up and have a good breakfast and get bundled up and head outside and make snow forts and snow men and have snowball fights and hope our friends with snow mobiles were generous enough to stop and let us have a ride with them.

And we stayed outside until mom called us in for lunch.

Off came the layers of clothing and into warm pajamas that spent the morning lying on the hearth in front of the fire.

The play clothes would go in the dryer and with our rosy red cheeks, we would sit down to a hot meal and some homemade treat for dessert, and would head back outside for more fun. If the pond on the golf course was frozen over, we would take turns pretending to be Tai Babalonia or Dorothy Hamill or Peggy Fleming.

The after lunch outing never lasted more than an hour or two.

Then it was back inside to the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace and hot chocolate and more treats and an afternoon of playing cards or putting together a puzzle.

We didn't even think about turning the television on (well, maybe my sister did). VCRs were a luxury, and no one we knew (except that family at the end of the street) had one, and the only thing you could do with them back then was tape shows anyway - meaning no Blockbuster or NetFlix or video rental of any kind.

My heart goes out to these kids in middle Tennessee who are stuck at home today with a "snow day" and no snow. I wonder if they realize how unlucky they are?

*Note: This is a recycled post. I've posted this before - just not here...


sista smiff said...

We used to have good snow days in Middle Tennessee when I was a kid and they were very similar to what you described. My kids have never even REALLY sledded. It's sad.

Malia said...

Seriously? I thought those kind of snow days were urban legend! (I jest.) I grew up in Texas...snow? Then in 8th grade we moved to Northern Virginia. We saw more snow than in TX but nothing like you described.

My husband grew up in NJ...he has some memories similar to yours!

I remember when we first got a VCR, we "rented" movies from the library.