Friday, February 09, 2007

So much for simplifying things...

Ever start out trying to do something relatively simple and figure out a few steps into it that you've bitten off more than you can chew? Like, "Oh, I'll just strip the wallpaper and paint this room" turns into tearing out huge chunks of sheet rock and patching them turns into moving an electrical outlet a few feet which leads to rewiring the entire room which overloads the circuit and makes the fuse box explode and the entire house burn down?

Or - picking at a loose thread unravels the entire sweater?

That was a little easier to describe. Why didn't I start there?

Because, I obviously have a knack for choosing the most complicated method.

Like, say, switching my email address.

When Joe and I got married, I signed up for a new gmail address. I just never started using it.

And for people who have had my email address forever, it's no big deal, but trying to give it out over the phone or in person and say it, and spell it, and confirm it, and explain, "No, not dee-blue, it's 'double you'... no, not the letter 'w', but those letters after 'linda' stand for 'w'. 'Linda W'. Linda 'dbl u'. 'lindadblu'. Never mind. Just send it to 'lindavictoria', no spaces. I'll get it."

So. Yeah.

I'm both lindadblu and lindavictoria at gmail dot com.

And since I've been married, I'm also lindadub. But like I already said, I've never used it. Except apparently, for Pottery Barn, since when I signed in I found a ton of email messages in my inbox from Pottery Barn Kids. I quickly unsubscribed.

And I started asking folks as they email me to switch my email address in their address books. And I set up the lindadblu account to forward to lindadub and apply a "dblu" label, so I would see the label and alert the sender of my new address.

Then I realized I just needed to add my lindadblu address as a new account within my lindadub one.

So I did.

And I stopped the automatic forward.

Then I remembered I was going to set up an email address for J.J. right after he was born and I never did. And I recently saw how to set up an email address for your child under your own account.

So I did.

It's jjdubin at gmail, if you feel like sending the little guy a message - I'll save everything for when he's old enough to read, but I'll probably reply to you pretending I'm him too. You know, because that's the kind of silly thing I really have no time to do but do anyway.

Except I set up J.J.'s email address under the dblu account instead of dub.

So I fixed it.

Then I remembered the whole lindavictoria deal, and set that up that account under the dub account too, although lindavictoria auto-magically forwards to dblu as well.

And, I'm done. Right?


Google Reader is tied to my gmail address/Google account. So if I'm signed into lindadub and click to see Reader, there's nothing there. Because everything is attached to the dblu account and I'm signed in as dub.

So I export my Google Reader OPML from dblu and import it to dub.

Then a couple of days pass and I delete some feeds and add others.

From dblu, not dub.


So I decide to delete everything from dub and redo the import from dblu.

Except I delete everything from dblu instead.


So I re-import the file I exported a few days back and realize I've lost those newly found gems and finding them again is probably a long shot, plus I have to go through and delete the feeds that I decided weren't all that, but I don't have the energy to do it just now.

No big deal, I'll just start using the dub reader and forget about those feeds and move on and, oh -- let me share this post...


My shared feeds are shared from dblu.

And my starred feeds are starred in dblu.

And it doesn't look like there's a quick way to export shared and starred items from my dblu reader account and bring them into my dub reader account.



I need to:

1. figure out if moving shared and starred items is worth it

2. start using my dub reader account

3. change my shared feed and widget on my blog to the dub one

4. start replying to all emails sent to my dblu and victoria gmail accounts from my dub account and ask people to update their address books so I don't have duplicate (triplicate) messages in the dblu and victoria gmail accounts.

I still want to use these other accounts, you see. For emails that aren't from people (like the ones that alert me of Old Navy's baby sales or the copies of my blog posts, just in case Blogger eats them). And for my recipe database. Although I can switch to Google base for those, I suppose, but that might make things complicated. :)


Ginger said...

1) My head hurts.

2) Have you noticed any delay in some of the posts to the Google Reader?

3) Please thank J.J. for the message on his daddy's blog, and reassure him that he is the main man for me! I can't resist those big green eyes, rubber ducky, and saggy diaper butt! Tell him I'll e-mail him soon.

BlondeMom said...

I think I need a drink now. ;)

I opened a gmail account a while back and never use it. I still use Yahoo for personal e-mail and also blog e-mail and Bloglines for feeds.

One of these days I may totally switch over to gmail but for now I think I'll procrastinate a while longer.

Christina said...

Wow, your computer posts make me realize JUST how computer illiterate I am.

I REALLY like your idea for J.J. to have his own email. :)

Joey D. said...

Good Lord, that was the longest story in history and I still don't know what you said

Lesley said...

This is why I pay $6.95 per month for dial-up access via mindspring even though I have Comcast internet and no phone connection at all. It is worth this money to me not to have to deal with switching everything to a new email address. I am sad.

Malia said...

I've had my hotmail address forever. BUT recently I had a moment of complete stupidity and decided to try out Windows Live Mail beta. Beta is one of those proverbial four letter words! I can't stand this new version but I really don't want to go back to plain old hotmail. I have a Gmail account and I have a Bellsouth account (b/c of my DSL). My hotmail address is also hard on me when I have to tell it to other people (maliakainani), I mean I get enough blank stares with just "Malia" but add my middle name and I'm literally speaking a foreign language!

So for those two reason, I've considered switching to one of my other e-mail addresses. I just don't want to do that mass e-mail of "please change my address" plus all the online accounts that use the hotmail. It really makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

In other words...I completely understand where you're coming from!

Sitting said...

I am so with you. I currently have 6 e-mail addresses, and I can't even begin to know how to consolidate. At least you're making an effort.

Linda said...

Ginger, I haven't noticed a delay, but as sporadically as I check my feeds, I probably wouldn't.

BlondeMom, procrastination is what got me here. If I had switched over before Google added all these new services, I would have avoided most of my headaches.

JD, Sorry honey, I should have posted a link to J.J.'s pictures for you. :)

And, I didn't even get into my hotmail address (which I had before MicroSoft acquired hotmail) and my comcast address and how I hate that Yahoo has hijacked my Flickr signin...

I think I figured out what to do about my shared items, for the none of you who subscribe to them. Although I think my Google Reader is imploding as I type...

jag said...

I just now got the 'dblu' thing. I don't know what I thought it meant before, but I never thought of it as 'double u'. Huh. I never made the connection.

I also like the idea of JJ having his own email. How cute!

Sitting said...

So if I want to send you an e-mail RIGHT NOW (which I do) -- where should I send it?

Linda said...

lindadub AT gmail DOT com

(Although any of the others, including J.J.'s, will get there as well...)

lcreekmo said...

This is a sad story and I have so been there. It sounds like you're getting close to having things working the way you want. Right??

It also reminds me that there is a damn good reason not to change my name should I ever get married again. Assuming you know, that I have a date sometime.