Thursday, March 15, 2007

I can't make this stuff up...

So, earlier today (my first day back at work after I found out that my job, along with 23 others in my department, was eliminated), I get this email message from a "coworker" that I have NEVER had a conversation with (we might have been in the break room at the same time a handful of times and exchanged hellos):

(edited to protect the innocent ignorant)

Hey Linda,

[Random first name of some other woman I also have had no interaction with] and I were inquiring about Justin T. concert tickets.

And, if I am remembering correctly, your husband was given (sic) some away yesterday.

Do you know if he has any extra (2 tickets) that we could purchase?

-Thank you.

[Insert name here]

I could have had a field day with this, and gone off on her for marrying me off to Brad Schmidt, or for hitting me up for tickets (yes, I do realize she did offer to pay for them) the day after I was informed that I was being "transitioned" next week.

Instead, I replied that she must be mistaken, as my husband was (1) on vacation with me yesterday and (2) is in the sports department and probably wouldn't have access to concert tickets.

Sometimes, I wish I were more mean-spirited... :)


Erin said...

She probably thought 'why not? I've got nothing to lose by asking'. But it's still ignorant.

Ginger said...

How tacky. She really doesn't know you if she thinks you would have touched Brad Schmidt with a 10-foot pole! I think that's worse of an insult than gherming for tickets.

Lesley said...

You have an amazing amount of self-control.

Congrats on the win yesterday, though!

Busy Mom said...

I had to read this twice, to make sure it said what I thought it said.

Holy, smokes.

lcreekmo said...

I'm with Busy Mom. It beggars the imagination.

Slartibartfast said...

As my momma used to say,

"Some people...[sigh]..."

shauna said...

Oh my gosh. Just...oh my gosh.

sista smiff said...

Welcome to my world. The story of our lives.