Friday, March 30, 2007

TGIF (yeah, right!)

Okay, TGIF for those of you who can differentiate Friday from any other day.

So much for the whole, "Hey, now that you're not working, you can blog more" theory. I've never been busier.

What I've done with my first week off:
  • A couple of interviews. Knocked some jobs off the "possibilities" list and added a couple of new ones.
  • Cleaned all three bathrooms. And recaulked the tub upstairs. Next step: Clean out the refrigerator. done!
  • Sorted through all of J.J.'s clothes and baby stuff and packed away the things he's outgrown. Next step: sort through into "keep", "take to consignment" and "offer to others".
  • Got my driver's license updated.
  • Joe and I cleared out all the flower beds and put down 74 bags of rock. I also replaced that hydrangea with a rose bush and watched Joe mow and edge the front yard and cut back the shrubs and that Crepe Myrtle that was about to swallow the dining room. Next step: Now that we've had rain, it's time to weed and feed.
  • Emptied and refilled the dishwasher at least eleventy-seven times. Twice that many sink loads of bottles.
  • Organized my shoes so there's no longer a bunch under our bed and a bunch more in the Bear's closet. Now, they either live in an under-the-bed (on wheels!) bin or in a canvas hanger on the back of the Bear's closet door.
  • Went through my clothes in my dresser and J.J.'s closet (have you noticed I don't have my own closet?) and sorted into "keep", "pack away for when I gain weight", "pack away for when I'm pregnant" and "Goodwill". Next step: tackle the closet in the laundry room and the bins in the garage that I haven't touched since we moved.
  • Vacuumed the downstairs. Next step: Laundry room floor. done!
  • Did all of the laundry. For now.
  • Spent too much money on things for the yard and organizing the house. Next step: Serious budget time.
  • Went to the Preds game to watch them lose to Detroit, who still suck.
Gotta run - I need to get the fridge and laundry room done today so I won't feel so guilty doing nothing tomorrow and Sunday. I'm done! Anyone free for a late lunch? :)

Happy weekend!


Julie said...

You're making me tired!

sista smiff said...

I wish I could say I had gotten as much accomplished in these last 6 months I've had off. You're making me look bad!

Malia said...

Um, my refrigerator needs cleaning out and my laundry room floor could use a good scrub. You free tomorrow?

Seriously feeling lazy here Linda, you're puttin' us all to shame!!


Christina said...

Okay, so you've found out one of the drawbacks of being a stay at home mom is that there is ALWAYS SOMETHING else that needs to be done. It's a 24/7 job w/o pay.

I still wouldn't trade it though. :)

Linda said...

OK, when you spread that list over the past 15 months, it's really not very impressive. Because I haven't done SQUAT since we moved in.

But next week's list is just as long...