Sunday, March 25, 2007

Things I'd like to discuss with the previous owner(s) of our house:

(1) Thank you for replacing the cabinet doors in the kitchen. They are beautiful. However, using half-inch screws and choosing to use one screw per bracket has proven to be not such a good idea. Good thing carrying around J.J. has given me great biceps; I've needed them to use the drill and screwdriver, and only have 9 more cabinet doors to go.

(2) I also appreciate the motion-controlled spotlights that surround the house. I'd prefer if they weren't dependent on the front porch light being on, though.

(3) We thought it was odd that you chose to cover both the front and side porches with ceramic tile. I'm guessing that you got a great deal on ceramic tile, and/or didn't think about how slick it gets when it rains.

(4) I'm sure replacing both showers improved the value of the house. We certainly thought they looked great. However, not securing the downstairs shower drain to the drain pipe, and neglecting to tighten the overflow outlet in the upstairs tub made for quite an expensive plumbing repair, not to mention the gaping hole that still adorns our family room ceiling.

(5) Turning what I believe at one time was storage space between the garage and downstairs family room into an office was a fantastic idea. Having a home office was one of our "must haves" when we were shopping for a house. We just never thought to make sure the renovated space had vents; heat and air conditioning are useful in all rooms of the house.

(6) A fenced-in backyard was also something we had to have, as we knew we'd be adopting a family dog. Lillie Biscuit has enjoyed the yard immensely. She also has had great fun pushing her way out through the gate that doesn't quite fasten and forcing herself under the fence around the entire perimeter of the yard. We've been quite busy staking down the fence as she finds new escape spots and the bungee cords on the gate seem to keep it closed. They also make it quite challenging if we want to access the backyard from the driveway.

(7) Thank you for repainting the entire interior of the house before you put it on the market. You chose great colors and we have had no need to repaint any of the rooms, as they have fit in with our decor. We would have liked to be able to open the windows, however. This might be possible if you had opened them while you painted the trim.

As much as I gripe about things like this, we do have a great house. And, if we hadn't moved in when I was halfway through my pregnancy and already on bed rest, we probably would have fixed all of these things by now.

At least I have plenty to keep me occupied before I start my next job! :)


Lynnster said...

Oh, wow. OK, that office thing is pretty ridiculous (not to mention most of the rest). Why don't people THINK?!!

Linda said...

I think it's safe to say the cabinets doors and the windows painted shut were both due to the fact that we bought our house from a flipper - he was just in a hurry to get things done and didn't think about the long-term. And, it worked - we bought the house. Some of the other stuff was just pure laziness or corner-cutting, though.