Sunday, April 01, 2007

11 months

It's hard to believe J.J. is already 11 months. I have to get to planning his birthday party...

We went to the park today with my mom and sister. The idea was to go on the baby swings. J.J. had other ideas. Like climbing up the slide and through the tunnel and trying his best to be a big boy. It sounds so cliché, but he's growing up so fast.

Standing is the preferred position. In the crib, in the play pen, while getting in the highchair or car seat. He stands at the front door, staring out at the yard, yelling to go out and play. He stands at the piano, banging on the keys over his head. He stands in the dining room and tries to grab whatever is on the table or buffet. He stands in the ducky tub, stomping his feet in the water and laughing.

He's also learned how to fall. The first week or so of standing was scary. Falling was inevitable, and usually involved a face plant into the floor (and sometimes too close to the edge of a table). Now, he falls with ease. The butt goes back, the arms go out, and he falls with a soft thud as he lands on the padding of his diaper. Then, he claps, because falling is fun.

Everything is fun. Eating is fun, going for wagon rides is fun, playing in the playpen is fun, riding in the car is fun. There is no better sound than his laughter, and we hear it often.

Happy 11 month birthday, my happy little boy!

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Lindasis said...

That's so exciting to see how much he's growing and learning....and so sad to know it's all happening way too fast!!

And it was amazing to see how fast he figured out how to climb up the slide - and how strong his legs and arms were so that he was able to do it.