Thursday, April 12, 2007

*Note to self: breathe*

I'm not saying I've had a hectic past week or two, but in an attempt to call Joe, I may or may not have just called my own cell phone from the house phone. Even worse, it took several moments for me to register what was going on as I saw the display on my cell phone that said "home" was calling and was still holding my cell home phone to my ear, waiting for Joe to answer.

At least I (1) didn't answer my cell phone, wondering who it was calling and (2) hung up the phone before the call went to my own voice mail.

Well, J.J. and I are hitting the road. We leave this evening for the fine town of Spring Hill, where we'll be spending the night with his Grandma, who just so happens to turn 60 today (she shares a birthday with David Letterman - I never thought of him as being old enough to be my parent...). Tomorrow morning, we pick up his favorite aunt and head to Louisiana.

Have a great weekend. I'm accepting a job when I get back next week, and hope to have another week or two free before heading back to being a productive (paycheck-earning) member of society. Maybe I'll have time to actually post a few pictures from our trip!

"See you" later!

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Lynnster said...

Well, I missed your exit, obviously, but hope you have a great trip - and congrats on the new job!!!