Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And don't even get me started about the parking lot...

The office space my company inhabits is quite labyrinthine. But unlike a labyrinth, you usually don't end up hitting a wall if you take a wrong turn. I had to edit that last sentence as I was writing it, because it is entirely possible to come out of one of the training rooms, take a right and an immediate left and run smack dab into a window. And I know this to be a fact; I speak from experience.

Anyway, the point (yes, I have one) I'm trying to make is that there are more than the usual number of hallways in our office. There's the external hallway that gets you from the main lobby where the elevators are to one of four (possibly 5 - there's one I haven't tried) doors into our space. Of the 4 I'm familiar with, 3 dump you out into the main office space, the fourth is at the end of a long hallway. This is the one that gets crazy and (of course) this is the way to my department.

Go to the end of that hallway; turn left and you'll find a door. That door leads back into the main office space. Turn right, and there's another long hallway. You can either make an immediate right and go through a door that leads to a row of cubicles and offices (my department), or continue straight down the hallway.

About halfway down the hallway, there's a door on the left the leads to a short hallway. At the end of that hallway, you can go left to take a hallway to the main office space (this is also the way to the closest coffee pot) or go right and take another right and end up in my department (and pass the copy room on the way).

If you choose not to go through that door on the left and instead go straight down the hall, you can go to the end, take a left and another left to get back to the hallway that leads to the main office space (and to the copy and break rooms) or take a right to get to my department. Now that I think about it, you can take a left and a right and end up in a dead end, but it's no where near as dangerous as the training room window dead end. At least, it hasn't yet been to me. There are also three more doors on the left in that hallway - one is a stairwell that dumps you outside on the south end of our building, and I have no clue where the other two doors lead -- I've not been so disoriented or brave as to open one of them. Yet.

And that stairwell - the one that ends up on the south side of our building? I know this because that's the stairwell I took when we had our fire drill a few weeks ago. There's also a door at the bottom of the stairwell that leads into the main lobby on the ground floor. And if I ever decide to take the stairs again, that's the stairwell I'll take. Because the main stairwell DOESN'T have a door that leads to the lobby on the ground floor. No, the main stairwell dumps you out through a fire door in the back of the building in the middle of a flower bed.

How do I know this for sure? That's the stairwell I took at the end of my first day.

Yep - rather than wait for what has to be the SLOWEST bank of three elevators in Brentwood, I thought I'd dash down the stairs and get the heck outta there. Instead, I ended up taking the stairs back up to the second floor, and took the elevator down from there, hoping no one from my floor was on the elevator when I stepped in.

I can't understand why there isn't a sign in the stairwell. One at each floor that clearly states there is no access to the ground floor lobby. Then again, it's really not that much of a concern for me - it's not like I'd make that mistake twice, right? I'll just consider it my building initiation. And I'll have to decide before there's a new employee in our department if that's the kind of information I need to share. :)

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lcreekmo said...

Holy cow. You should get assigned a GPS on your first day of work there!!