Friday, June 08, 2007


I could easily spend a few hours writing a series of posts on tips for writing functional requirements, documenting use cases and building mock ups of user interfaces. It's what I spend the majority of my time doing between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, you know.

But considering there are maybe 2 of you that would find the information helpful (and I may doubling my audience), I'll spare you.

You're welcome.

But if you ARE interested, we could have lunch. :)


Has anyone played around on lately? After lunch, when the skies to the north of Brentwood got dark and filled with lightning, a few of us at work pulled up the site.

If you're on the site looking at a radar map, click the link for "Interactive Weather Map" and prepared to be awed. The maps are built on Microsoft's Virtual Earth Platform (Microsoft's "Google Earth"). I'd like to see them in Google, though, so I could look at the big picture... my personalized maps and directions, the local traffic, radar, and how close the next Walgreen's is. Well, the next closest one, at least, because there's always one in sight.


It's a busy busy weekend for us. That means the opportunities for great pictures, stories & videos of our "Little Joe on the go" will be plentiful. As they were on Memorial Day weekend. And you've seen all the great wrap-ups, photos and videos I've shared about our Memorial Day weekend, right?

You didn't see any?

Yeah. Neither did I.

I'll try to be better this weekend...

Enjoy it! :)


Ken Dodge said...

Hi Linda. I work in IT for Healthways in Brentwood and I always get funny and disturbing looks when I bring up multiple interfaces and Web templates.

Let's have lunch soon if you are in Brentwood. It would be good to see you.


Christina said...

You've added some really great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Just when I think JJ can't get any more adorable... he does. :)