Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Unlunchables

Even though I have so many more options for lunch now, they appear to be dwindling... At this rate, I'll be bringing something from home or driving to Cool Springs to eat before year's end.

So, without further ado, here are the places in Brentwood where I won't be having lunch again any time soon because my last experience was just THAT BAD:

O'Charley's. I sat down, immediately ordered my drink (lemonade - they don't serve Coke) and a salad. 45 minutes later, no salad. The fact that I didn't have to pay for my lemonade and I left with $20 in certificates won't get me back there any sooner (especially since the waitress and manager both PROMISED they would at least get me my salad to go and didn't).

Back Yard Burgers. Oddly enough, this visit was the same day as the O'Chuck's fiasco. I still needed to eat, so I decided to grab some fast food. The drive-thru line wrapped around the building, so I went inside to get something to go. Even though there was no one in line, I waited 12 minutes before someone took my order and when I ordered a Dr. Pepper (again, no Coke), they handed me an empty cup which I took to the soda fountain, only to find there was no Dr. Pepper at the self-service drink station. After trying for several minutes to get someone's attention behind the counter, I left without a drink and threw my burger away as I walked out the door. I guess lunch just wasn't something I was supposed to do that day.

Joey's. This one makes me sad, because I really like Joey's pizza. And calzones. And spinach rolls. But, after two bad visits in a row, I'll be driving to Gio's in Nolensville, where the pizza is just as good (actually, it's better). At least there, I've never been harassed because I wasn't paying with cash (note to Joey's: if your credit card machine is out of commission, consider placing a note on the door to alert your customers rather than waiting for them to order and get to the cash register where they are met with a major eye roll when offering their debit card) and I've never received half of my meal and been told I didn't order the other half when I asked about it and I've never spent 30 minutes waiting to get a reheated piece of pizza (no, I don't mean waiting in line, I mean waiting at the table after I had waited in line, ordered and paid - maybe I should have realized things were slow when the guy who was getting his food as I was paying for mine asked that they just wrap it to go).

Puffy Muffin. I seriously doubt I'll be talked into going back any time soon. The one item on their menu that I just can't live without (ginger tea) is in their cook book and I've successfully made it at least a dozen times, plus there's decent tortilla soup, poppyseed cake, and chicken salad elsewhere. This one makes me sad too, because I've been a customer for almost 14 years and have used their catering services and convinced my husband to go there with me and defended their sketchy service the other times it wasn't up to par ("It's not usually like this...", "S/He must just be having a bad day...", "I've never waited so long to get a refill on my tea...").

Hmm... Maybe I need to investigate what it would take to get a PB on this side of town.


Julie said...

We need a PB in Brentwood. I haven't had couscous since...well, I can't even remember.

Joey's used to be on Moore's Lane. I only went there once b/c the guy yelled at me. Not to be mean, just extremely loud. Glad I don't live in NY.

Amerigo's in Cool Springs is my favorite.

jag said...

I agree on O'Chucks - I don't eat at BB ever, and I've never wanted to brave the Puffy Muffin crowds. That sucks about Joey's, because I've never had a problem there.

Kebab Gyros is awesome for service and food, although you've got to get in there before 11:30 or after 2 to avoid looooong lines. Vittles is good, or used to be. Phillip's Deli is also awesome for service. They've had the same people working there forever and they're all nice as can be.

We'll find some good places to go, I promise.

Linda said...

I guess I should have said I HAVE had good lunches. I walk over to Phillip's at least once a week... I've yet to go to Kebabs, but have been to a couple of their other places. The one in Donelson gets a hellacious line too. I've had nothing but good luck at Brentwood Grill, and I had a wonderful lunch last week at Mere Bulles - sorry you couldn't join us!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

O'Charleys is very hit or miss here in Bellevue, too. Actually I'll admit to you that I NEVER go to O'Chuck's in Brentwood!

Do you like Mo's? Now I am all over Mo's!!!

Malia said...

I've had hit or miss service at Puffy Muffin, too but I still go back, I just lurve their food so much. But remember, we do have an "in" there...there's a certain blogger who works there. I won't mention who she is here so as not to "blow her cover" but it may be worth going back on one of her days and requesting her service.

I agree with O'Chucks and BYB - we don't go there anymore.

I'm Jag regarding Kebab Gyros - good food!! And I'm with BlondeMom regarding Moe's - we heart Moe's!

Have you tried Pei Wei yet? There's a City Cafe over by Kroger. My sister and I have always had good experiences at Ruby Tuesday

Michael said...

I know the guy who owns and runs the BYB chain in Knoxville. He's a good friend of mine actually.

I should see him in a week or so and I'd be happy to pass along your thoughts on the BYBs in middle Tennessee. HE knows the owner of the chains here and I think your complaints should be heard.s

Linda said...

The only BYB I have a complaint about is Brentwood, and I think it's just a volume issue... I've yet to go there when it's NOT slammed to test that theory, though.

agd said...

Best pizza in town is Fletchers pizza in Donelson. I think you live close to there. Also, I work in B'wood, and I love to eat at Off the Grill-THEY DELIVER!!!! But BEWARE-the drivers never carry change. I learned that after tipping a driver more than my meal more than twice.
Good luck.

agd said...

Oh yeah, also try City Cafe in B'wood. Very good meat and three.

sistasmiff said...

I was there when the very first Puffy Muffin opened for business in 1988. Opened at the old Huff's Food Town bakery. People freaked out at first.