Sunday, July 15, 2007

Phrases of the week

First, it's a sing-song "uh-oh!" when something "falls" to the ground from J.J.'s highchair, stroller, car seat, etc.

It's followed by a sweet, emphatic, "Than-duh!" (that's "thank you" in J.J.-speak) when I hand him whatever it was he threw down just so I could pick it up for him. Well, I pick it up and hand it back to him the first time, just in case it was an accident. :)


Christina said...

"Than-duh".... too cute!

Has he taught Lillie how to pick up things he's dropped? Like food.

Linda said...

He feeds Lillie well. We usually put her outside during meals so he focuses on feeding himself, then let her in to clean up!

Saturday night, I took J.J. to dinner at Cracker Barrel and every time the waitress visited our table, he offered her food. I almost said to her "he's used to feeding the dog", but realized that might offend her. :)