Monday, August 27, 2007

And not a pick-a-nick basket was harmed...

Despite the heat and our over-booked weekend, J.J. and I attended the MCB picnic Sunday.

It was HOT, especially since I kept sitting in the vicinity of the grill (kind of like how everyone gathers in the kitchen during at home get-togethers). I brought my black bean and corn salad and we both munched on some after lunch treats. J.J. was quick to offer his apple juice to anyone who walked by.

Despite the fact that I brought my camera and even set it out on the table, I didn't get a single picture. J.J. was busy trying to keep up with the older kids, and I was busy running alongside him, holding his hand to prevent any tree-root stumbles. We made it halfway to the playground twice, but he kept turning back to the picnic shelter, where he happily pointed out the architectural details of the ceiling to whomever would listen.

I was surprised at how outgoing he was, as he's been more of a mama's boy lately, but he approached more than one person with outstretched arms, asking to be picked up.

We did meet several folks for the first time (in person), and J.J. happily force-fed Ginger some of his Parmesan goldfish crackers. Lucky for her, they were straight out of his snack cup, and not dripping in drool.

J.J. was starting to fade from running around in the heat just as some of our other friends were showing up, so we tried our best to say goodbye to everyone and dashed off to visit grandma.

Let's do it again once the heat goes away! Anyone up for something at the zoo in a couple of months?

...And no, that's not an offer to coordinate, though I'll happily attend and contribute! :)


john h said...

enjoyed seeing you and holding JJ at the picnic (I think that's the right order!). You guys looked great!

Ivy said...

It was awesome getting to see ya again! JJ just gets cuter every single day. :)

GingerSnaps said...

I am so glad you linked your recipe for the salsa! I was going to e-mail you for was wonderful!

I'm telling you...J.J. is an absolute blessing to be around. He was so sweet, offering me his sippy cup and Goldfish...I'd take 'em from him even if they were covered in drool!

malia said...

J.J. was starting to fade from running around in the heat just as some of our other friends were showing up

I know, I saw you there when we arrived and then a few minutes later and I turned around and you were gone! Oh, well! I'm glad y'all got to be there for a little while!

Meredith said...

It was nice to meet you and JJ in person! He's just darling.

Klinde said...

I am sorry I could not attend. I would have liked to have met you and JJ.