Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick hits

Wow, it's hot. Thankfully, it's not humid. Because we all know, it's not the heat... Wait. It is the heat.

I've offered to help my better half set up a Blogger blog... Comment or email if you're in favor.

Have you hugged your cable guy today?

We had to get rid of J.J.'s Sesame Street tool belt. That really sucks.

Lunch with friends is good. The Pad Thai was not... Give me until the end of the year and I'll have no place in Brentwood left to eat. Me and the Joey's girl almost had a throw down earlier this week.

I have a dozen blog entries in "draft" stage. If any of them makes it live, I'll be shocked. One of them is actually worth reading. Of course, I'm wasting time on this instead...

There is nothing satisfying about being a working mom, except for the moment you open the door of the childcare provider's place of work (aka her house) and your child sees you and comes tearing across the room to hug your knees.

If eating one's weight in pinto beans were an Olympic event, J.J. Dubin would be the gold medalist, hands down.

My uncle isn't doing so well. Keep us in your thoughts/prayers.

Mc Gavock High School is having a reunion for everyone who graduated in the 80's this weekend. Because, you know, it's not enough pressure for my husband to have a 20 year reunion last year one month after I gave birth. Anyway, we have a babysitter and will be there. Anyone else? Bez?


Christina said...

I can picture how happy JJ must get when you pick him up from the sitter. How cute.

I'll pray for your Uncle.

chez béz said...

I attended McGavock but graduated elsewhere. And I'm off to Dallas this weekend anyway.

Have fun. ;)

Lesley said...

Oh, don't let anything happen with Joey's. I've never been there, but I've heard it's related to the place in the Arcade, ie, the only real pizza around these parts.

I think the prevailing wishes I've see around the internets are that there be a Big Joe on the Go again. Hop to it.

jag said...

A friend of mine said that the new Mediterranean place next to China Wok over by Joey's is good - I haven't tried it yet.

Oh, and I wasn't impressed with the pad thai at Pei Wei either. Just tried it a week or so ago for the first time. And only time. The spicy chicken salad though? YUM!

'Coma said...

I hope you do help your "better half" set up a blog.

Sending your uncle good wishes.

GingerSnaps said...

Man, I was so p*ssed when I saw that WKRN took Joe's blog down. What in the heck are they thinking over there...have they ever heard of public relations????

I hope you'll do him up a personal blog. That will rock. His fans will appreciate it.

Everyday that I go to pick up Amanda at Fun Company, I get so excited when I pull in, because she yells "Mommy!", runs and hugs me--even at 7. :)

I'll be praying for your uncle.

Man, McGavock likes to party, don't they? lol

Anonymous said...

Your uncle is in my prayers. Please help your hubby set up a new blog! Reading his blog is part of my morning routine.