Sunday, September 30, 2007

Now, THAT'S service

J.J. woke up with a cough the other day. Daddy took him to the doctor, where he got checked out and got a couple of prescriptions (actually one sample and one prescription). He's doing much better now, thanks for asking.

What surprised me was what we came home to earlier today. We had made a run to our neighborhood Kroger (something we do FAR too often) and stopped at home to put away our refrigerated items and run out to grab lunch before daddy had to go to work. The answering machine was beeping, so I asked Joe to check it.

"Was it your mom?", I asked. J.J.'s Bammy frequently calls on her way home from church to see if the little one is awake so she can visit.

"No, it was the pharmacist".

"What? Seriously?"


The pharmacy called and left a message, saying they saw J.J. had been prescribed an antibiotic the other day and wanted to make sure he was doing okay and to let us know we could call if we had any questions or concerns.

I realize that there are a few major retailers that have reduced or eliminated their price of antibiotics and this is probably a "see, we're not free, but we care about you" attempt to keep their customer base.

And it absolutely worked.


Anonymous said...

The store that is giving away free antibiotics won my loyalty long before they started doing so. My husband had knee surgery and had an allergic reaction to the anthestesia and it took him forever to wake up. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up his pain prescription I was tired and frazzled by the time I got there. I told the pharmisist what had happened. She gave me her home number and cell phone number and told me that if for any reason through the night I got nervous or just had a question to call her. And, she ended up checking on us about 7:00 that evening to ask how we were doing.

Klinde said...

Wow! Who knew customer service at that level still existed?

Linda said...

I just wish the pharmacist had asked if there was anything I needed, since J.J. apparently passed his little bug on to me...