Friday, October 12, 2007

I printed a few, anyway

Is it just me (no need to answer, I know it's not just me) or would if be helpful to have the store name printed on the coupon (within the cut lines)? I think I'll just take the entire page with me to avoid confusion.

The printed page, not the actual web page.

Edited to add: What comes out on the printed page does in fact include the store name, as well as terms and all sorts of helpful information. Print a few and hand them over to Santa.


Meredith said...

Thanks! That's a good savings, especially since K-mart is clearancing toys as we speak. (Making space for the new Christmas lineup.)

Christina said...

Yeah, that IS great except it could have been more "printer friendly". I think I just used $5 in ink. LOL ;-P

Thanks for the link!

Julie said...

Where is there a Kmart around here?

linda said...

For you, there's one on 96 behind O'Charley's... and for me there's one on Donelson Pike. And there's still one on Nolensville Road and Harding. We can go to Gio's for pizza and stop by! :)