Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday night phrase of the week

This is a tough one. It's either:

"Woof-foof", which is how he greeted Lillie Biscuit and her sister, who were playing in the back yard when we got home this afternoon, or...

"Mama! Mama! MahMAHHHH!!!"

Which was his reaction when his daddy came on television at 6:20.

You decide.

The reaction was pure excitement and joy. He was waving and calling out to his daddy (although he was a little confused as to what to call daddy), not screaming for me...


Christina said...

Very smart little fella you have there!!!

Seeing his dad on tv must have been a little freaky for him at first. He probably thinks Joe rubs elbows with the Teletubbies and his other favorite tv charactors inside the tube. hehehe

Lindasis said...

(although he was a little confused as to what to call daddy)....Daddy wasn't wearing a dress again, was he??