Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There should be a law...

Anyone who uses Comic Sans typeface/font on a professional document (electronic or printed) should be shot on sight.

No exceptions.

That's all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Learning to share... or not

We got Lillie just before J.J. was born, hoping they would grow up together. It worked; they're inseparable. Lillie helps clean up the Cheerios that don't make it to J.J.'s mouth, is more than willing to "help" at bath time, and they have a keen interest in each other's toys...

See for yourself:







Unfortunately, J.J. isn't as successful at getting his toys back from Lillie...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Birthday Girl

Happy 1st Birthday, Lillie Biscuit Dubin!

Monday, February 19, 2007

J.J. pooted!

Well, not really, but I couldn't resist getting this picture.

J.J. and I went to Shopryland Sunday. I hate shopping, and malls are the worst, but the little guy absolutely loves strolling through the mall, laughing and smiling at everyone, kicking his legs and clapping. We made the entire mall loop in an hour. We did make a quick stop at the gourmet dog treat kiosk, because someone in our family has a birthday this week... You know, someone with four legs and a tail who would appreciate gourmet dog treats.

And, my company sent out a memo last week, announcing that we do have President's Day as a holiday after all. Yay for the three-day weekend!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Food food food...

How do you like your eggs?
poached - with a side of toast to sop up the yolk

How do you take your coffee/tea:
coffee: black
tea: iced (or as it's called in the south, "unsweet")

Favorite breakfast foods:
crispy bacon
cheese blintzes
eggs sardou
bloody marys
Fruity Pebbles

Peanut butter: creamy or crunchy?
creamy Jif (bonus! no recall) - but not the from jar Joe dips the dog's biscuits in. I have my own jar, labelled "no biscuit".

What kind of dressing on your salad?
anything as long as it's a vinaigrette

Coke or Pepsi?

You're feeling lazy. What do you make?
cream soup/rice/chicken in the crock pot

You're feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order?
a spinach calzone

You feel like cooking. What do you make?
chicken piccata

Do any foods bring back good memories?
Mini chocolate chip cookies take me back to my Grandma's kitchen. And poppyseed rolls. I used to think she was the best baker in the world until I asked her for some of her recipes, and she laughed and told me she went to the bakery down the street!

Do any foods bring back bad memories?
Spaghettios. I ate some before going to the county fair and promptly threw them up on the whirl-a-ride.

Do any foods remind you of someone?
That "Nun Bun" really did look like Mother Teresa.

Is there a food you refuse to eat?

What was your favorite food as a child?
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Is there a food that you hated as a child but now love?
anything with ground beef in it
green peas
pb&j sandwiches

Is there a food that you loved as a child but now hate?
umm... no?

Favorite fruit & vegetable:
Fruit: avocado (it is TOO a fruit)
Vegetable: sweet potato

Favorite junk food:
potato chips with Kroger onion dip - this might have been my dinner tonight - I'm not telling.

Favorite between meal snack:
hummus and pita

Do you have any weird food habits:
ketchup on macaroni and cheese. Is that weird?

You're on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on?

How spicy do you order Indian/Thai?
Hot, but not native hot (4 out of 5 stars).

Can I get you a drink?
Sure - What took you so long to ask?

Red wine or white?
I'm in the mood for a sauvignon blanc, please.

We only have beer:
Make mine a Gerst in a frosty fishbowl.

Favorite dessert?
creme brûlée

The perfect nightcap?
mmm... Grand Marnier

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Making progress...

Not to beat a dead horse (What a terrible adage (idiom?), btw), but I found solutions for (most of) my multiple gmail/google accounts...

Moving my shared items from my old Google Reader account to my new one was simple... I just subscribed to my (old account) shared items feed from my new account, viewed them sorted "newest first" ("oldest first" only goes back 30 days), and shared them from my new account. Done! It didn't matter that some of the items I had shared were from feeds I have since unsubscribed from or from someone else's shared items!

I added both of my old gmail accounts and J.J.'s gmail address to my new account. Then, I had to set each account to forward to my new email address (oh, and can anyone tell me why? Shouldn't that be a part of integrating them into my account?).

My remaining issues are probably not going to go away any time soon...

Although I can set multiple filters that specify which emails from each of my old accounts should forward to my new email address, I cannot set filters for which emails should NOT be forwarded. It would be wonderful if I could say "forward a copy of all of my emails EXCEPT the ones sent from Blogger (copies of my posts and copies of my comments)". Or, "Don't forward emails from [this sender]". But I can't (yet?).

My New Blogger account (it's a "New Blogger" account, but it's not a "new account") is tied to one of my old gmail/Google accounts. So if I check my Gmail (dub - new account), look at Google Reader (dub - new account) then sign into Blogger (dblu - old account), I can't click back to Gmail or Google Reader without signing out of the old account and back into the new one. Once I sign into Blogger with the old account and go back to Gmail or Google Reader, they pull up the old account too.

I'm constantly checking the top of my browser to confirm that I'm looking at the right account. More than once, I think I've been randomly signed out of one account and back into another. That's how I deleted the wrong Google Reader feeds to begin with.

So, I need to be able to set a filter specifying what NOT to forward and I'd like to move my Blogger account from my old Google account to my new one. Please?

Snow days...

I grew up in the snow belt.*

You know, anywhere north of here where it is ordinary for the ground to be covered in white stuff for most of January and February (and into March), and white Christmases are the norm, not the exception.

Where waking up and looking outside and seeing 8 inches of newly-fallen snow resulted in disappointment that there wasn't enough to delay school, let alone cancel it (but there was a good chance mom would show up at the bus stop with a thermos full of hot chocolate and enough styrofoam cups for everyone waiting, as well as for the bus driver).

The few days we were lucky enough to get a day off school, we didn't think of going back to bed.

Nope, we had to get up and have a good breakfast and get bundled up and head outside and make snow forts and snow men and have snowball fights and hope our friends with snow mobiles were generous enough to stop and let us have a ride with them.

And we stayed outside until mom called us in for lunch.

Off came the layers of clothing and into warm pajamas that spent the morning lying on the hearth in front of the fire.

The play clothes would go in the dryer and with our rosy red cheeks, we would sit down to a hot meal and some homemade treat for dessert, and would head back outside for more fun. If the pond on the golf course was frozen over, we would take turns pretending to be Tai Babalonia or Dorothy Hamill or Peggy Fleming.

The after lunch outing never lasted more than an hour or two.

Then it was back inside to the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace and hot chocolate and more treats and an afternoon of playing cards or putting together a puzzle.

We didn't even think about turning the television on (well, maybe my sister did). VCRs were a luxury, and no one we knew (except that family at the end of the street) had one, and the only thing you could do with them back then was tape shows anyway - meaning no Blockbuster or NetFlix or video rental of any kind.

My heart goes out to these kids in middle Tennessee who are stuck at home today with a "snow day" and no snow. I wonder if they realize how unlucky they are?

*Note: This is a recycled post. I've posted this before - just not here...

Monday, February 12, 2007

There's nothing like getting the first date out of the way...

J.J. had his first play date today. The first time J.J. met MacLaine was when MacLaine and his mommy came to visit him when J.J. was 2 weeks and MacLaine was 2 months, and twice J.J.'s size. The boys had lunch together a few weeks later, and both crashed a baby shower at my office a couple months later.

This evening, J.J. and I showed up at MacLaine's house. He was a very gracious host and shared his toys and food and didn't flinch when J.J. yanked at his curls. Well, maybe he flinched a little. MacLaine's mommy made dinner, which rocked, and I may or may not have provided a bottle of wine. You know, there's pressure to keep up with those other play date happy hours...

MacLaine's hound dog was quite a hit with the Jay-bird. Here's a video that includes J.J. singing "along" at the end.

More play date action here and here's J.J. sleeping at a Preds game, you know, because we haven't seen him sleep there yet...

Friday, February 09, 2007

So much for simplifying things...

Ever start out trying to do something relatively simple and figure out a few steps into it that you've bitten off more than you can chew? Like, "Oh, I'll just strip the wallpaper and paint this room" turns into tearing out huge chunks of sheet rock and patching them turns into moving an electrical outlet a few feet which leads to rewiring the entire room which overloads the circuit and makes the fuse box explode and the entire house burn down?

Or - picking at a loose thread unravels the entire sweater?

That was a little easier to describe. Why didn't I start there?

Because, I obviously have a knack for choosing the most complicated method.

Like, say, switching my email address.

When Joe and I got married, I signed up for a new gmail address. I just never started using it.

And for people who have had my email address forever, it's no big deal, but trying to give it out over the phone or in person and say it, and spell it, and confirm it, and explain, "No, not dee-blue, it's 'double you'... no, not the letter 'w', but those letters after 'linda' stand for 'w'. 'Linda W'. Linda 'dbl u'. 'lindadblu'. Never mind. Just send it to 'lindavictoria', no spaces. I'll get it."

So. Yeah.

I'm both lindadblu and lindavictoria at gmail dot com.

And since I've been married, I'm also lindadub. But like I already said, I've never used it. Except apparently, for Pottery Barn, since when I signed in I found a ton of email messages in my inbox from Pottery Barn Kids. I quickly unsubscribed.

And I started asking folks as they email me to switch my email address in their address books. And I set up the lindadblu account to forward to lindadub and apply a "dblu" label, so I would see the label and alert the sender of my new address.

Then I realized I just needed to add my lindadblu address as a new account within my lindadub one.

So I did.

And I stopped the automatic forward.

Then I remembered I was going to set up an email address for J.J. right after he was born and I never did. And I recently saw how to set up an email address for your child under your own account.

So I did.

It's jjdubin at gmail, if you feel like sending the little guy a message - I'll save everything for when he's old enough to read, but I'll probably reply to you pretending I'm him too. You know, because that's the kind of silly thing I really have no time to do but do anyway.

Except I set up J.J.'s email address under the dblu account instead of dub.

So I fixed it.

Then I remembered the whole lindavictoria deal, and set that up that account under the dub account too, although lindavictoria auto-magically forwards to dblu as well.

And, I'm done. Right?


Google Reader is tied to my gmail address/Google account. So if I'm signed into lindadub and click to see Reader, there's nothing there. Because everything is attached to the dblu account and I'm signed in as dub.

So I export my Google Reader OPML from dblu and import it to dub.

Then a couple of days pass and I delete some feeds and add others.

From dblu, not dub.


So I decide to delete everything from dub and redo the import from dblu.

Except I delete everything from dblu instead.


So I re-import the file I exported a few days back and realize I've lost those newly found gems and finding them again is probably a long shot, plus I have to go through and delete the feeds that I decided weren't all that, but I don't have the energy to do it just now.

No big deal, I'll just start using the dub reader and forget about those feeds and move on and, oh -- let me share this post...


My shared feeds are shared from dblu.

And my starred feeds are starred in dblu.

And it doesn't look like there's a quick way to export shared and starred items from my dblu reader account and bring them into my dub reader account.



I need to:

1. figure out if moving shared and starred items is worth it

2. start using my dub reader account

3. change my shared feed and widget on my blog to the dub one

4. start replying to all emails sent to my dblu and victoria gmail accounts from my dub account and ask people to update their address books so I don't have duplicate (triplicate) messages in the dblu and victoria gmail accounts.

I still want to use these other accounts, you see. For emails that aren't from people (like the ones that alert me of Old Navy's baby sales or the copies of my blog posts, just in case Blogger eats them). And for my recipe database. Although I can switch to Google base for those, I suppose, but that might make things complicated. :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Getting "Lost" again

If you had asked me about "Lost" this time yesterday, I would have shrugged. We had no plans to watch it at home, as The Bear was spending the night (her school had yet another day off today - is it me or do kids get a whole lot more days off that we did back in the olden days?). Anyway, the likelihood of convincing her to go to bed before 9:00 was low, especially once J.J. developed a raging ear infection (and accompanying 102+ fever) during his afternoon nap that necessitated rushing him to the doctor and treating him with no less than 4 medications in an attempt to relieve his pain and get his fever under control.

Besides, my attraction to "Lost" had waned over the past three months. I went from wondering how on earth I would make it until February to deciding that absence did not make my heart grow fonder and thinking my relationship with "Lost" was going the way of "Desperate Housewives", which proved more than easy to quit cold turkey.

Then, 9:00 neared.

Joe and The Bear and Lillie and Zitty were all huddled around me and J.J. The first two were supposed to be on their way downstairs to watch movies, and would most likely be followed by the last two. Joe had already told me he was going to watch the episode on TiVo either as soon as The Bear went to bed, or before she got up in the morning. I decided I would watch the episode live, without the crutch of hitting the TiVo rewind, and with the added company of J.J., who was still feeling miserable and not about to go to bed.

8:58 I suggested they head downstairs.

8:59 I repeated my suggestion.

9:00 "Previously on Lost..." comes on and they're STILL hovering around me. I lose it. "OK - go! Get out! Go watch your movie! Love you and good night and all that. MY SHOW'S ON!"

By the time the wrap-up had wrapped up, they had moved on and I was left to watch "Not in Portland".

So, I'm obviously not over the addiction.

I did miss a few key parts, but I can zip through TiVo later and fill in the blanks.

Like, I saw Juliette talking to her ex, I looked down at J.J. to see how he was doing, and I heard what I assume was her ex getting hit by a bus. I was told by a coworker this morning that I really needed to see it.

I also missed some pieces near the end, like what happened with Sawyer and Kate after Carl was rescued... I know one of "the Others" was shot. By Juliette? Did he die? I believe both answers are yes.

On a side note, I had an incredibly hard time taking the representative who was recruiting Juliette seriously, as in my mind he's the photographer from "Suddenly Susan" and not some ominous force to reckon with...

While I'm looking forward to next week, I'm not itching to get home and fill in the gaps from this week. I mean, think about it... It's no more questions than I usually have after watching an episode, right?

Who am I kidding? As soon as J.J. lays his sweet head down to rest (he will sleep tonight, right?), my butt will be racing downstairs to find out as much as I can. And next week, our Valentine's Day date night will be spent with TiVo and the rest of our friends stranded on those islands somewhere between Australia and L.A.

At least, the rest of them BETTER be there. I've had enough of the Sawyer/Kate/Jack show...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This could have been a video/photo tribute to J.J.

If I had thought to talk Joe through removing the memory card from the digital camera and replacing it with the empty one that's in my tablet PC before he left for Pittsburgh yesterday, I would have some pictures and videos of J.J. sleeping at the hockey game Saturday night.

Maybe tomorrow.

Because, you know, there's nothing better than watching a baby sleep, right? Especially when you miss the action down on the ice because you're busy getting a video of the baby sleeping.

It will probably be a sharp contrast to this coming Thursday's game, when he will be sitting behind the goal and sleep won't be an option. I'm seriously considering getting him a hard hat, because the times I've sat behind the goal, there were quite a few pucks flying.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow day!

After the disappointing "no snow" day yesterday, we (like everyone else in Nashville) woke to a blanket of white this morning.

J.J. and I enjoyed the view from inside, where it was warm and cozy.

Lillie was a little hesitant at first, but the water dog in her won out and she thoroughly enjoyed the white stuff, barking to go back out once we brought her in and dried her paws.

But, unlike a lot of folks, none of us got the day off... I was lucky enough to get a couple of extra hours, as my office opened at 10:00, but J.J. had a full day ahead of him at the baby sitter's, and Joe had things to do as well... Lillie was lucky enough to stay home and enjoy her yard (funny, it's not so terrible when there's SNOW to play in).

Five on Friday: Time Flies

Time Flies

1. How long does it take you to get ready to leave the house?
40 minutes: 20 minutes to get ready and 20 minutes to play with J.J.

2. If you commute to work or a regularly scheduled meeting, how long does it take you to get there?
4 minutes - including the school zone and both traffic lights.

3. How much time do you spend watching TV or playing video games each day?
Maybe 2 hours total. But I'm usually multi-tasking if it's TV.

4. How much time do you spend preparing/acquiring/eating meals on an average day?
An hour and a half, maybe.

5. How much sleep do you get each day?
Not nearly enough.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy 3/4 Birthday!

Pease porridge hot,
Pease porridge cold,
Pease porridge in the pot
Nine days months old.