Thursday, May 31, 2007

The $7.99* question

So, who can tell me what bloomed today?

Whatever it is, I'm allergic.

*The cost of a box of Sudafed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mama's little helper

Yesterday, on our way to a Memorial Day picnic, I placed a folded blanket on top of J.J.'s toy chest when I decided a quilt was a much better option for ground cover.

This morning, J.J. tore the blanket off the toy chest and flung it to the floor.

He then opened the chest, picked up the blanket, and placed it inside.

Man, I love that boy! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?

I have no idea who the genius was who figured out wet cat food belongs in a pouch that just needs to be torn open and squeezed to dispense that gelatinous goo into a (disposable) bowl, but I love him. Love him love him love him. Or her.

Never again will I pop off the top of a cat food can, risk getting that disgusting goo on my hands, then shake that smelly glop out into the dish and chop it up with the edge of the lid again.

And I'm forever indebted to my neighbors, who ask me to cat sit from time to time, for introducing me to this wonderful product (packaging).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting there is half the fun...

I'm almost three weeks into being back at work and trying to get into the groove of having a commute again. I'd like to think I'm starting to get into a routine, but the truth is, it's hard.

Although I start work at the same time as I did at my last job, I'm leaving for work about the time I used to get in the shower and getting to the office about when I used to leave home. That's the difference 12.3 miles makes. Instead of taking 3 minutes to travel one mile, it takes 30 minutes to travel 13.3 miles. And those 30 minutes grow to 45 if I leave 10 minutes later.

Gone are the days of running home at lunch to play with Lillie Biscuit (or just let her out or in). No more running to Kroger, putting away the groceries, grabbing a bite to eat and making it back to work within the confines of a lunch hour.

No more going home at lunch really sucks. It means no more getting laundry done during the day (in the washer in the morning, start to dry before going to work, finish drying and put away at lunch). No more quick chores around the house. No more 20 minutes naps in the comfort of my own bed.

And getting home. Getting home at the end of the work day used to mean dashing out of the office and being in my kitchen making dinner within 5 minutes. Now, it's at least 35 minutes door to door. There is no best way home that I've found. I merely choose whether I'd rather sit in traffic for a shorter distance or move at more of a constant speed but travel a longer distance. Any way I go, it's at least 35 minutes (then there's the evening I followed two truckloads of chickens on I-40 and had to navigate through a blizzard of white feathers).

So, I get home at the time we used to be sitting down to eat (or at least I do on the two days a week Joe and the Bear are home when I get there). My dinner strategy has shifted from my version of "30 minute meals" to "what can I throw in the slow cooker at 7:00 AM that will still be edible at 6:00 PM?" (answer: not much) or "what can I make ahead that Joe can put in the oven an hour before I get home?". My plan is to spend a couple hours every other weekend putting together several casserole type dinners that I can freeze. The biggest challenge to that will be finding space in our tiny freezer (my long-term goal is to get a deep freezer for the garage, but that will require rewiring the entire house). Even then, it's a much more attainable goal that teaching my husband to make dinner... PB&J anyone?

You say it's your birthday...

It's my birthday too, yeah!

Happy Birthday to:
Rosanne Cash
Priscilla Presley
Patti LaBelle
Gary Burghoff
Bob Dylan



Sunday, May 20, 2007

J.J.'s first hair cut

We decided that it was time to get rid of the "baby combover" and give J.J. a buzz cut for Summer, with the hopes that his hair will grow in more evenly...



Still During:


All done and visiting daddy at work:

See all hair cut photos here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Now we know...

A few weeks ago, as I was giving J.J. his bath, his daddy asked me, "Has he ever peed in the tub?"

Good question.

I had no idea. So I said, "Well, not that I know of, but I suppose he could be doing it every bath and we'd never know."

In a fountain display that would put the Bellagio to shame, J.J. proved this evening that no, he has not peed in the tub before and there's absolutely no way we'd have "no idea".


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy First Birthday, Joseph Stanley Dubin, Jr.

One year ago today, J.J. entered the world.

The past year has been quite an adventure, watching him grow and learn and experiencing life through his eyes. There is so much about him that amazes me. How he lights up when he sees his big sister. The way he sits in his car seat with his legs crossed at the ankle, bouncing and "singing along" with the radio. His fascination with music -- from joining in with the National Anthem at a Predators game to bouncing and kicking his legs to the beat of "Short'nin' Bread" to going all out crazy with his singing duck, to reaching up to bang the piano keys over his head -- he loves music. And reading. He reads with me at bedtime. He clutches each board book he gets to his chest and smiles, then opens it up and flips through the pages and chews on the corners for good measure.

He's growing into such a little boy. He's so outgoing and good-natured. He loves people -- especially other children. He's a flirt, too. We're taking him to his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner this evening. He'll be greeted as we walk through the door with a chorus of "Hola, J.J.!"; his waitresses will come to him and tickle his feet & belly and he'll reach out to them so they can hold him and hug him. He'll eat a big plate of beans and rice (and if I'm lucky, daddy will get to change that diaper tomorrow morning) and come home to a bath tub filled with duckies and fishies and octopi. I'll rock him in his nursery and he'll fall asleep with a sigh and a smile.

And we'll begin the next year of his life. :)

Happy Birthday, little one!