Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another milestone reached

J.J. loves sleeping in his crib. He also loves playing in his crib as he's falling asleep and when he wakes up. He is (for the most part) the ideal crib sleeper. While he is without a doubt tall enough and strong enough and determined enough to climb over the rail and lower himself to the floor, he has never tried. Maybe he feels secure in there. I can't believe the thought hasn't crossed his mind.

At night, we go through our routine from bath to a DVR'd program to a book or two (or three) to the rocking chair for at least part of a lullaby before I lay him down and say goodnight.

In the morning, he wakes up in a good mood (except for the week he had that virus that turned him into a human snot machine; he was cranky that week). He'll entertain himself and talk to the cat until one of us decides to scoop him up and turn on Noggin or Disney which entertain him until he's awake enough to climb out of our bed and head off to his playroom our living room. If we take too long to get around to him, he might yell or throw things, but it's usually smooth sailing. Some days, I leave for work and both he and his daddy are both still sound asleep.

Lately, I've been hearing him rumbling around after we say our good nights (he actually tells me "bye! see you!", I say "good night"). But, after a few minutes, he's sleeping soundly. The past few nights, in his last-ditch effort to stay awake, he has been reaching out of his crib and banging his rocker/glider into the wall. We're talking 10 - 15 seconds, then it stops and he's out.

Tonight, I decided to remove the temptation and moved the rocker a good 18 inches away from the crib. And I placed him in his crib, said goodnight and headed off to my laptop to get some work done.

And for four minutes, nothing. Not a peep.

Then, a loud crash, followed by wailing.

I raced to his room to find him on the floor between the crib and the rocker, screaming his head off. Not injured, but obviously mad and probably scared. He had been trying to reach the rocker and flipped himself over the crib rail and onto the floor.

We rocked away the tears, and I put him back to bed. I handed him his Elmo as I said, "Now you guys need to stay in this crib all night, OK?" I moved the rocker back to its cribside position. And as I walked out of the room, he (J.J., not Elmo) gave me a pouty "bye".

And promptly fell asleep.

My biggest fear is that he now knows he can get himself out of the crib. So he may think about it enough to figure out how to get out a little more gracefully. So next time he wakes up, he very well may decide to climb out and...

...and do whatever he feels like doing.


Lesley said...

You could rig up some razorwire around the edges of the crib. :)

GingerSnaps said...

You have a dream kid...Amanda wouldn't sleep in her crib. I don't think I slept the entire first year of her life.

I do recommend buying him a Velcro suit, though...that might keep him from testing gravity as he's prone to do! hehehe

Linda said...

The good news: Bed time went off without a hitch tonight! No slamming the rocker into the wall and no escapee!

Erik said...

I swear, it sounded like you were describing my house there for a moment, from the bath to DVR to stories to the next morning.. :)

Kira managed an escape act like JJ did a while back. Unfortunately, she didn't stop. We had to convert her bed into a toddler bed a lot earlier than we expected.

Now when she's ready to get up, she goes over to the video monitor and puts her face right into it, and repeats "mommy, mommy" over and over.

fun stuff...

lcreekmo said...

I can't believe he's still in a crib at 2. I mean, I know that's normal. But at the Creekmore house, both kiddos had to switch to a toddler bed at 18 mos -- one because she'd climbed out of the crib so much [and as a small child, she had a long way to fall to the floor! ouch!] and the other b/c he started threatening to do so and I wasn't going through THAT again.

Now that's fun. Trying to convince an 18mo-old to stay in bed. Though with both, they adjusted just fine after 2-3 nights.