Friday, August 08, 2008

Go Mama!

J.J. is not a big fan of car seats... he often tugs at his straps, exclaiming "I'm stuck!"

This evening, he thought he would be just fine riding in the back, with a view:

(note: Of COURSE I did not let him ride home that way, even if it was just a mile and I'm sure my mom let me do worse... I seem to recall three of us preschoolers sitting behind the only seats in a MGB with the top down, going to CHURCH... that picture was taken in a parking lot and I was in the backseat with him. He was fully secured the entire way home. /disclaimer)


Lindasis said...

It looks quite comfortable!

Jules said...

My car seat was my mother's arm stretched out across me holding me back (in the front seat)as she slammed on the brakes.

I miss my little guy! He looks adorable.