Monday, September 08, 2008

Uh OH!

So. There we were. Me and J.J. and it was time for Blues Clues before a couple of bedtime books and bedtime.

And as I reached for the remote, it crashed from the nightstand to the floor.

"Uh oh!", said mommy (me).

"Shit!", said the little angel.

"Uh oh!", repeated mommy, desperately trying not to laugh.

"Was that what I think it was?" asked daddy, from around the corner (probably checking in on facebook).

"Yes, honey," said mommy, "and you are in trouble."

Around the corner came daddy, who asked, "Why, did the remote break?"

(Please no comments on his other recent expletive. He clearly said "fup". And I'm blaming that on daddy too.)


peach said...

That is freaking hilarious!! Somehow though, it doesn't really surprise me :)

Linda said...

Oh, it surprises me. And daddy was talked to about what is and what isn't appropriate to say. If it happens again, I'm dragging out the soap, but not for J.J.'s mouth.

peach said...

If and when that happens, please, please, please, I must be there for that show!!!! lol

Lindasis said...

You may not think so but I think this is hilarious. And stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Why can I not say that daddy's question didn't surprise me??

On the good side, at least his annunciation is improving. (Fup vs. shit)??