Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Miss TiVo.

Sometime last year, Joe asked if we could get digital cable. I can't remember the specifics, but the NFL Network played a part. I told him he could do anything he wanted to do, as long as he did it without involving me.

Well, much to my surprise, he did it. And although he didn't involve me, he did involve him, but that's another story... We ended up with digital cable, some sports package (I think) and two DVRs.

And a decommissioned TiVo.

But two DVRs! With one in the bedroom, where I could record whatever I wanted to watch in the 20 minutes I'm awake after putting J.J. to bed. And (unlike our series 2 TiVo), I could watch one thing and record another. Or record two things and watch something else that was already recorded.

And yeah, that's nice. But it's no TiVo.

There's no little TiVo guy waving at me from the top corner of my TV screen.

And there's no "bee doop, bee doop bee doop" as I fast forward.

TiVo used to save multiple episodes of the same show in a folder, making it easier to navigate the list of recorded shows. We have 13 instances of The Upside Down Show (J.J.'s fav), which make scrolling to Yo Gabba Gabba a little tedious.

TiVo would let me jump 15 minutes ahead (or behind) to get to "that one part" quickly. Although the DVR has 4 different fast forward speeds, it takes a L-O-N-G time to speed through Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse just so J.J. and I can dance to "Hot Diggity Dog". And I guar-run-tee that before I stop the fast forward before it gets to the end, that "delete recording?" screen is going to pop up.

There's no way to search by keyword, just the show's title. How was I supposed to know "Jack's Big Music Show" was listed as "Big Music Show"? It took me forever to find it listed in the guide where I was able to set a recurring recording. And there's no way I could search "Manilow" to automatically record every talk show he appeared on to promote his latest album CD like I did last time. Yes, I really did. Shut up.

And recurring recordings? If I set one to record "new and repeats" and save "all episodes" and save them until "space is needed", the DVR only records 8 episodes, then records over the first. Not good when there are 13 episodes of The Upside Down Show. Somehow, I figured out if I changed the setting to save them "until I delete", all 13 episodes get recorded.

And, like TiVo, I can set a show to start recording a minute early, and end a minute late, to catch the very beginning or very end of a show that doesn't match up right. Like The Office on TBS. If you don't set it to end a minute late, you miss the last bit of the show. But if you do set it to record a minute late, you're recording that last minute on two different drives when two episodes are on back-to-back. Meaning if there's something else I want to record while my husband is recording two back-to-back episodes of The Office on Tuesday evening, I can't. Because you can't set a show to start recording one minute late. TiVo would have told me there was a conflict and ask me if I wished to start my recording a minute late. The DVR, not so much.

I now THOROUGHLY understand why TiVo threw a hissy fit when people started referring to all DVRs as TiVos (much like how all facial tissue is now Kleenex). DVR, you're no TiVo.

There's more. There's much more. But I'll save them for my "I still miss TiVo" post.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Carrots all gone... uh oh!

Captured in October... uploaded tonight. Because I've been a slug busy.

Happy New Year?

So. Hi.

What's new?

Me? umm...

New Year's
Hockey games
Camera died (replaced)
Router modem died (replaced)
Daycare fire
New preschool
Other stuff...

Yeah. I said daycare fire. No one was injured but the fire did occur when J.J. was there and I got the dreaded call at work and flew across town to rescue my baby. He's now attending a preschool and seems to be adjusting to the change (we just got through the first week). I was honest with his babysitter and told her I didn't think we'd be bringing him back when she rebuilds. If he's happy at his preschool, I'm not going to take him away.

Our digital camera bit the big one. Thankfully, no pictures were lost, just a couple of weeks without a camera before we made it to Costco to find a new one.

Pictures... That's a real sore subject with me. My mom told me the other day that one of my aunts mentioned to her that she hasn't gotten an email from me linking to new pictures in forever and I snapped. Part of me wants to take the over five months' worth of pictures and in one mass upload, dump them to flickr and go back later and name them and tag them and put them in groups. And if someone could tell me how to get flickr to arrange my photostream in date order of when the pictures were taken (not uploaded), I would.

And no, changing the upload date on every single photo is not feasible. I'm free time challenged to begin with...

Until then, I'm going to do my best to find an hour or so every night and freeze my butt off in the downstairs office after J.J. goes to bed and get them done. Because although it was decided before Christmas that moving the computer upstairs was the thing to do, I've yet to go to Haverty's and buy the armoire that's going to house it.

It might have something to do with the fact that we had no home internet for at least a month. Maybe more. It's amazing how long it took me to remedy that situation. It was over a week before I found out it was down, and another week before I went out a got a new router (which wasn't the problem) and another couple of weeks until I called Comcast, and almost a week before they were able to come take a look at things. And now, we're back up.

See you soon. Relatively speaking, you know. :o)