Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spidey dance party...

J.J. and Spiderman dance to the Spiderman & Friends theme until mommy ruins their fun and selects another song...

Let's go Predators!

J.J. and I are headed to the Sommet Center where he can visit his bobblehead buddy... Let's hope it's not the last time this year!

J.J.'s buddy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another milestone reached

J.J. loves sleeping in his crib. He also loves playing in his crib as he's falling asleep and when he wakes up. He is (for the most part) the ideal crib sleeper. While he is without a doubt tall enough and strong enough and determined enough to climb over the rail and lower himself to the floor, he has never tried. Maybe he feels secure in there. I can't believe the thought hasn't crossed his mind.

At night, we go through our routine from bath to a DVR'd program to a book or two (or three) to the rocking chair for at least part of a lullaby before I lay him down and say goodnight.

In the morning, he wakes up in a good mood (except for the week he had that virus that turned him into a human snot machine; he was cranky that week). He'll entertain himself and talk to the cat until one of us decides to scoop him up and turn on Noggin or Disney which entertain him until he's awake enough to climb out of our bed and head off to his playroom our living room. If we take too long to get around to him, he might yell or throw things, but it's usually smooth sailing. Some days, I leave for work and both he and his daddy are both still sound asleep.

Lately, I've been hearing him rumbling around after we say our good nights (he actually tells me "bye! see you!", I say "good night"). But, after a few minutes, he's sleeping soundly. The past few nights, in his last-ditch effort to stay awake, he has been reaching out of his crib and banging his rocker/glider into the wall. We're talking 10 - 15 seconds, then it stops and he's out.

Tonight, I decided to remove the temptation and moved the rocker a good 18 inches away from the crib. And I placed him in his crib, said goodnight and headed off to my laptop to get some work done.

And for four minutes, nothing. Not a peep.

Then, a loud crash, followed by wailing.

I raced to his room to find him on the floor between the crib and the rocker, screaming his head off. Not injured, but obviously mad and probably scared. He had been trying to reach the rocker and flipped himself over the crib rail and onto the floor.

We rocked away the tears, and I put him back to bed. I handed him his Elmo as I said, "Now you guys need to stay in this crib all night, OK?" I moved the rocker back to its cribside position. And as I walked out of the room, he (J.J., not Elmo) gave me a pouty "bye".

And promptly fell asleep.

My biggest fear is that he now knows he can get himself out of the crib. So he may think about it enough to figure out how to get out a little more gracefully. So next time he wakes up, he very well may decide to climb out and...

...and do whatever he feels like doing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop Rockin' my World

So. I have a confession.

Remember me, the poster child against reality television?

Well, last summer, I developed a terribly bad habit.

Before we got digital cable and a DVR upstairs, I would flip through the dozen or so channels that I was in the habit of watching and find SOMETHING to watch. And if there was nothing I could stomach, I would start crawling through every channel and see if there wasn't SOMETHING that caught my attention.

And, one evening, while waiting for the 10:00 news to come on so I could actually see my husband before drifting off to sleep, I found it.

Somehow, while flipping through the 70-some channels offered in the basic (extended?) cable package, I landed on Bret Michaels Rock of Love.

And it was B-A-D.

And I flipped right past it.

Then, a few days later, I found myself in the same predicament. And there it was again. And it was still B-A-D. But I watched it. And a few nights later, I found the first episode being reshown, and watched it. By the time the next new episode was shown, I had caught up on the episodes I had missed. Because by this time, we had digital cable and a DVR upstaris and I was able to set a series recording to ensure I caught up on all those early episodes.

And I looked forward to Sunday afternoons, when J.J. took his nap and Joe was at work and I could watch the latest episode.

I have to confess... I spent a good number of years in the 80s listening to hair bands and going to heavy metal concerts. I bought the piano sheet music for every sappy ballad, I left Easter dinner early my senior year to go to the Def Leppard concert and I owned pleather pants and a pair of earrings that were actual miniature daggers.

Hello. My name is Linda and I used to be a head banger.

So I watched the first season and I put it all behind me, moved on, and decided to forget that little lapse of judgement.


I was having dinner with my husband and one of his friends a few months ago and the topic of reality TV came up and somehow, I said (out loud), "I will admit, though, that I got hooked on Rock of Love this past summer."

"So have you seen the new one?" asked Joe's buddy.

"No - who's the rocker in it?" I replied, rolling my eyes.

"It's Bret again. Apparently the first girl didn't work out and he's doing it all over. It just started this week."

Reluctantly, I set the DVR to tape a replay of the first show. I mean, the least I needed was an answer to what happened between Bret and Jess and surely they were going to explain... They didn't really explain; just a quick reference to the reunion show (that I completely missed) and a snippet of Jess saying Bret should have picked Heather.

And then they started introducing the latest group of skanks girls and before the first commercial break, I stopped the recording because it was just so terrible. *PHEW* At least I'm not going to get hung up on THAT again.

Until a few nights later. When "nothing" was on and J.J. wasn't quite asleep yet so it was best that I didn't rattle around the kitchen or tromp downstairs to do something productive...

And all of the shows in the list on the DVR were either Joe's or J.J.'s. And I didn't feel like diving into my new library book or reading the latest issue of Cookie.

So I started watching it again.

And I made it all the way through.

And I set a series recording so each new episode was taped.

And I made it all the way to the "finale" tonight and am SO relieved he saw through Daisy as needing him as a way out more than wanting him...

Of course, I'll have to watch the reunion next week and see if this one took... And I hope it did. Not for Bret. Or Ambre. But for me.

Because I can't take another season.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's not easy being green...

Imagine that you have a handful of jellybeans. There's a red one, a pink one, an orange one, a yellow one, a purple one and a green one. I know, that's a small handful, unless you're a kid, but work with me.

Assuming the colors in your hand represent all of the flavor varieties in the jellybean mix and that the jellybeans are all fruit-flavored, what flavor is the green one?

Well, if you ask me, it better be lime (and for those of you who need to know, the others are cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon and grape).

When I was a kid (hold on J.J., you're going to hear that phrase a LOT), green was ALWAYS lime. A few years ago, the "default" flavor for green fruity candy started transitioning from lime to (sour) green apple.

It's not that I have anything against green apple, it's just that to me, it's not a primary/default flavor. I mean, if there are two shades of green, I'm all for one of them being green apple, just so long as the other is lime.